11 Movie Recommendations For 2020 Movies That Were Delayed

A lot of movies that were coming out this year have been delayed for obvious reasons. The movies that have been delayed varies. Some only by a few months, others by an entire year. There were definitely some movies I was looking forward to watching coming out this year that have been put on hold for the time being. For the 11 movies that I was looking forward to, I have a movie substitute that you can watch right now if you too were looking forward to their respective movie.

1. A Quiet Place 2 – 10 Cloverfield Lane

I could have easily chosen Bird Box, but that was way too obvious to pick. So I went with 10 Cloverfield Lane. Both are horror movies anchored by strong female characters set in an apocalypse world trying to survive.

2. Black Widow – Salt

While we have been waiting for a Black Widow for years now, Salt has always been an unofficial Black Widow movie in disguise. Salt is a nice alternative spy thriller if you want to watch something along the lines of Black Widow.

3. F9 – The Italian Job (2003)

It’s kinda hard to pick a substitute for F9. The Fast and Furious series has come quite a long and complicated way since being a Point Break ripoff. If you are interested in the more heist style movies the series has done for the last installments then The Italian Job is right for you. The Italian Job is a fun heist movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Plus both movies star Charlize Theron. What more could you possibly want?

4. Mulan – Brave

I could have gone with the previous live-action versions of the Mulan. There are several, but once again I thought that was too obvious. Instead, I went with Brave. I think Brave is a vastly underrated Pixar animated film and I think it makes a good movie to fill the void of the live-action Disney Mulan.

5. The New Mutants – Chronicle

If you were looking forward to finally watching The New Mutants and seeing the teenage characters deal with their abilities then you have to watch Chronicle. It’s basically The New Mutants, but with a very authentic depiction of a superhero origin story. And you actually can watch it.

6. No Time To Die – Layer Cake

Daniel Craig’s characters in both No Time To Die and Layer Cake are trying to live a quiet life and get out of their respective businesses, but as it turns out they have one final job to do and chaos ensues. Layer Cake makes a great movie if you want something similar to No Time To Die, but is entirely its own thing.

7. Wonder Woman 1984 – Atomic Blonde

Both films have their female leads set during the Cold War facing off against respective foes. These two movies are probably the most similar pair on the entire list. Though Atomic Blonde is a straight spy thriller, while Wonder Woman 1984 is more in line with the superhero genre.

8. Top Gun: Maverick – Days of Thunder

Okay so Days of Thunder probably won’t be too much like Top Gun: Maverick just based off the trailer. Top Gun: Maverick looks to be more serious in tone, but Days of Thunder is so much like the original Top Gun I can not recommend it. You could even call it a Top Gun rehash, especially since it had Tom Cruise in all of his glory. But it’s different enough to be warranted a watch if you liked Top Gun.

9. The Woman In The Window – Rear Window

The Woman in the Window quite clearly takes inspiration from Hitchcock’s Rear Window. Both films use the same trope of spying on your neighbors and seeing something you shouldn’t have. If you were looking forward to The Woman in the Window, make sure you check out the film it took some inspiration from.

10. Candyman – Urban Legend

Though Candyman and Urban Legend are two different types of horror movies, both take urban legends and set entire films around them. Candyman takes a more serious tone to it, while Urban Legend has a much more Scream-lite tone to it. Still worth a watch if you are at all into urban legends.

11. Free Guy – Wreck It Ralph

Free Guy seemingly takes the Wreck-It Ralph template of the main character wanting more from their own video games and setting out to do exactly that. All while their games are in jeopardy of going offline. Wreck-It Ralph makes a worthy replacement to Free Guy until we’re able to see it.

Are there any movies you were looking forward to seeing that has been delayed? Comment them down below.


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