Favorite Albums: Queen of the Clouds (Blueprint Edition) – Tove Lo

Queen of the Clouds (Blueprint Edition) is the extended edition of Tove Lo’s debut album released on September 25, 2015. Queen of the Clouds (Blueprint Edition) consists of 24 songs, running a total of an hour and 14 minutes. The album was led by hits Talking Body and Habits (Stay High). This album was my first impression of Tove Lo who has become one of my favorite go-to artists to listen to. She is always trying to top herself with every album she releases. And though I have loved all the albums she has released thus far in her career, Queen of the Clouds has remained a special place in my heart.

I don’t listen to too many albums that are over an hour long. For me, album-long albums are often a daunting task to get through, but with the extended edition of Queen of the Clouds, the experience of listening to it flies by quickly. As the listener, you immerse yourself into the ride the album takes you on. It’s a journey that’s meant to feel like one. We go through the highs and lows of a relationship. The back and forth, up and downs. It’s a chaotic relationship with the album to soundtrack it through all of the emotions and sensations the relationship goes through. The songs also work solely by themselves, without the backdrop of the album. But it’s more fun when you experience the journey Tove Lo crafted you to go on with her.

My Gun

  • The real first song on the album and it perfectly captures the themes of sex and dangers of love, both of which are evident to the album.
  • I love the gun double entendre and metaphor used within the song.
  • The outro of the song though is what makes the song in my opinion.

Talking Body

  • Like many others, this was the first song I had heard of by Tove Lo. It became one of her first hits in the US.
  • It’s easy to see how that happened, Talking Body is extremely catchy and easy to get stuck in your head.
  • I love how open and forward Tove Lo is with what she wants in the relationship in the song.


  • The message of the song is an interesting one exploring how even though you may be falling in love, you are aware that it won’t last.
  • The title also connects with the message, because just like the relationship described in the song a time bomb is short-lived but explosive.
  • My favorite part of the song is the chorus along with how sweet the music video is.


  • This song is probably the most relatable on the entire album.
  • “I’m not the prettiest you’ve ever seen/But I have my moments, I have my moments/Not the flawless one, I’ve never been/But I have my moments, I have my moments”
  • The music video fits the song perfectly along with its message. It’s as memorable years later as it was the first time I saw it.

Got Love

  • The song just sounds incredible, the production is top tier.
  • Tove’s vocals also match the production to make this one of the songs I come back to most.
  • Tove comparing her and her partner’s love to nature is a comparison I had never heard of in a love song before.

Not On Drugs

  • This is one of the few outright romantic songs on the entire album.
  • The song is upbeat and genuine something Tove Lo doesn’t do very often. So it’s a nice change of pace.
  • I love the contrast in messages between Not On Drugs and Habits (Stay High). The song is all about how falling in love is enough for her to feel alive.

Habits (Stay High)

  • The song itself is also painfully real and honest as much of it seems to come from Tove Lo’s real life. Using drugs to cope with losing someone is a universal thing to do no matter how damaging it is to the person using.
  • Now, this is one of my favorite music videos. I love how it is shot and Tove’s acting from getting high and the comedown afterward is so painfully realistic.
  • This is still without a doubt one of Tove’s best songs just because of how honest and vulnerable she is here.

This Time Around

  • This is my absolute favorite from the album and from Tove Lo’s entire discography.
  • It’s a great follow-up to Habits (Stay High) continuing with the theme of Tove becoming lost and having no idea where she is going.
  • Tove’s vocals here are my favorite from the entire album. You can feel how broken she feels and the pain she is suffering from.

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