Season In Review: 24 (S5)

5×01 – Day 5: 7:00AM – 8:00AM

Eighteen months after faking his death, Jack Bauer, who’s assumed the name Frank Flynn, returns to Los Angeles after the four people who know he’s alive come under attack. President Logan prepares to sign an important arms treaty with the President of Russia. First Lady Martha Logan is disturbed about the morning’s events. Jack learns that he’s being framed for the attacks.

  • 24 managed to break my heart and stomp on it in a matter of minutes, but let’s start from well the beginning and get to heartbreaking moments as we go.
  • Jack has been living as Frank Flynn (why did he choose that name?) since he was almost assassinated back at the end of season four. He’s living with Connie Britton (lucky!) and her son, Derek for a year now.
  • This is abruptly stopped when Chloe contacts him because the four people who knew about him faking his death are all being targeted.
  • President Palmer was assassinated, Michelle was killed by a car bomb, and Tony nearly was as well. Okay, let’s just process this.
  • Palmer and Michelle are dead. Michelle and Palmer are dead!!!!!! As in never coming back, no possible way they can come back unless this show goes all Supernatural on us which I highly doubt they will.
  • If you want to know what my reaction to both of their deaths was it went from… jumps in shock, mouth dropped, covers my mouth, silent for a good minute straight. That’s how it went both times, it’s not even that I thought they couldn’t possibly die, it’s just the way that they happened. I did not see either of their deaths coming the way that they did.
  • I knew Palmer wasn’t going to stick around on the show because I knew he got his own show called The Unit starting a few years into 24, so I knew he wasn’t staying on the show for its entire run, but I wasn’t sure if he would be killed off or just leave like at the end of season three. Turns of it was indeed killed off.
  • Michelle was the one that really surprised me as she was one I could see staying for the remainder of the show. This proves more than ever before the only person safe on this show is Jack.
  • Logan is still the President, so does that mean that Keeler died? Because they haven’t mentioned him at all or what happened to him. This reminds me of Behrooz not having any follow up after they traded him for Jack.
  • Anyways, Logan seems much more confident since the last time we saw him and we meet his wife who I think is funny and who might play a part in the larger storyline this season.
  • Audrey is also back which I was not expecting. Considering where Jack and her left things off, I did not think she would have a part in this season at all, so I am pleasantly surprised to see her. I wonder how she’ll react to Jack being alive.
  • Great to see Chloe again, she got herself a man this season who I don’t think I like. We don’t know too much about him yet, so I will wait to form an opinion on him. Edgar and Curtis are also back too.
  • Jack finds out that he’s been framed to look like he killed Palmer, Michelle, and almost Tony. Jack is indeed back because there’s no way he’s going to be the one to take the fall for his friend’s deaths. More importantly, left the real killer go unpunished. I already love this season. The story they are telling with Jack is *chef’s kiss* perfection.
  • This is was my favorite premiere to a season yet, it was fast-paced. Nothing bothered or annoyed me. It had plenty of twists and was amazing from top to bottom. I can’t wait for the rest of this season.

5×02 – Day 5: 8:00AM – 9:00AM

Jack and Chloe infiltrate Wayne Palmer’s penthouse at the hotel in hopes of finding a lead. Martha tries to convince her husband that she had a conversation with Palmer the night before. Cummings’ ally James Nathanson launches the next phase of his plan at the Ontario Airport.

  • Even though David Palmer and Jack Bauer have had lots of conversations, Jack has only seen David Palmer face-to-face three times – twice in season 1 and one time in season 5, even though Palmer was already dead, when Jack was looking at Palmer’s body. – Why is this so sad to me??
  • Everyone at CTU (expect Audrey, Curtis, and Edgar) thinks Jack had something to do with Palmer’s death and therefore Michelle’s. If there’s one thing that stays consistent in this show is that everybody blames Jack for everything that goes wrong, no matter what the situation is.
  • I was surprised that it seemed that Audrey was happy to see Jack was alive. I thought she would be pissed that he pretended he was dead for a year and let her believe that. Maybe we’ll see that if they come face to face again, but for now she seems happy which I get. Having a loved one back from the dead doesn’t happen everyday so don’t take it for granted.
  • I didn’t mention this before but I loved Derek’s amazement of Jack when he realizes this is not the guy he thought he was. It just nice to see someone’s first reaction of Jack. I also loved the line that the only reason that he is still alive was that Jack didn’t want to carry his weight. Jack really couldn’t care less this season and who can blame him honestly?
  • Jack manages to convince Wayne, he didn’t kill Palmer because he’s just that good. Wayne proceeds to help him find Palmer’s real killer which might have something to do with his memoir that was going to be released.
  • I love how much Chloe sticks up for Jack no matter what especially when she told Bill that she wouldn’t tell him where Jack was going because she believes in him. Jack and Chloe make up such a good duo for the show.
  • I found the Martha storyline so sad, she was right about whatever Palmer had to tell her, but now Logan is gaslighting her into thinking she’s crazy. To be fair, he doesn’t have any other reason to believe otherwise because Cummings (his right hand guy) fabricated their phone call to hide evidence of his part on the plan of killing Palmer. We see by the end of the episode she’s taking pills she doesn’t even like, because she thinks she’s crazy. We’ll see how this affects her for the rest of the season.
  • Jack reveals he isn’t Frank to Diane and tells her to take Derek and her to CTU where they’ll presumably find out the truth about him. Well that’s until Derek feels the need to warn Jack about bad guys heading his way, which is very noble on his part, but Jack can handle himself without him having to be himself in danger which he does. Either way, Jack is going to be kicking all the ass in the next episode so that’s exciting.

5×03 – Day 5: 9:00AM – 10:00AM

Jack conceals himself in the airport hangar, surveying the Russian separatists and feeding information to Curtis and his assault team. The terrorists continue to execute hostages in an attempt to make President Logan give in to their demands to nullify the treaty. Martha discovers that all the traces of her conversation with David Palmer might not have been erased. Jack surrenders when Derek Huxley’s life is put in danger.

  • This episode was a contained one, but when the main focus of the episode is so good, you don’t even have a problem with it.
  • Jack didn’t nearly go all Die Hard like I wanted him to, but that might be coming in the next episode so I’ll be patient.
  • I’ll say one good thing about Logan is that he’s not willing to let anyone die no matter what. Don’t know if that’s going to change as the show goes on, but as of now, that’s a good quality to have.
  • Impressive that Martha still believes her phone call was real and knows that that the other one was fabricated. I’m curious how she proves it was though. It also turns out the Martha is insane when she’s on her meds too.
  • The whole hostage situation at the airport was masterfully done. I was engaged the entire time I was watching it and for the most part outside of Martha bits which I also liked, the whole episode was the hostage situation at the terminal.
  • I don’t know how CTU and Jack are going to fix this without anyone else getting killed, but Jack always finds a way. Is that a catchphrase for the show? Because it should’ve been if it wasn’t.

5×04 – Day 5: 10:00AM – 11:00AM

Jack is captured by the terrorists, who use Derek as leverage to force him to compromise CTU’s assault team. Logan refuses to give in to the terrorists’ demands. However, the airport incident turns out to be a diversionary cover for an arms deal. Martha continues to try convince her husband that the phone call was real, but Walt interferes. A new representative from Division Lynn McGill arrives at CTU and begins to undermine Buchanan’s authority.

  • This is the 100th episode of the show. I have really watched and reviewed 100 episodes of this show, that sounds insane, but it checks out.
  • Sean Astin was a nice surprise, didn’t expect him to pop on the show.
  • His character is apparently known for firing people though so I don’t know how much of a comfort that brings me. Actually, you know what, the answer is none.
  • His character did stop CTU agents from being ambushed and most likely killed. So there is something good that has come from his character.
  • So his character saved the day in his first episode, more so than CTU and even Jack. I couldn’t think of a better debut than that.
  • That being said, Jack did have his Die Hard moment this episode. A moment I have been waiting for! It was exactly what I was hoping for.
  • Mark Shepherd is also in this episode, but I swear I did not know that. My Supernatural reference from earlier was just a coincidence. His character is a bad guy (what a surprise) working with the terrorists. It looks like he will be playing this role for the perceivable future well his future on the show.
  • The bad guys seem to be starting up their next plan, whatever that may be. Jack is heading back to CTU which I can’t wait to see just for his interaction with Audrey alone.
  • And finally, Martha is drugged by Cummings trying to eliminate the evidence that of his involvement in Palmer’s assassination.

5×05 – Day 4: 11:00AM – 12:00PM

Jack returns to CTU and has an emotional reunion with Audrey, while Curtis tracks the Russians and the stolen military-grade Sentox nerve gas. Cummings sends in an assassin to silence Jack. Chloe discovers that Spenser Wolff has his own agenda at CTU. Walt convinces Logan to send Martha to be institutionalized when she tells them of the attacks against her.

  • How much longer until Logan or someone at the White House realizes that James is the mole and is playing them all? It makes for good tension, but man is it frustrating that everyone thinks Martha is crazy when SHE’S NOT!
  • I liked that they told us about another mole being in CTU as opposed to showing us again. They have done the mole twist many times, but at least this time we suspect everyone at CTU (except for a few) instead of being frustrated with the character who is the said mole.
  • I thought they were showing Spencer so much that he definitely wasn’t the mole. Turns out it was not a red herring, he’s actually is the mole. Which in itself is a twist I guess, a minor one but still counts.
  • I wonder if Spencer even actually liked Chloe or if it was all just an act? I wondered this about Nina and Jack too. It seems like he might, but I’m not completely sure.
  • That Jack, Audrey, and Diane moment sure was awkward. Audrey seems to still care for Jack, something I didn’t think was possible after Paul dying, but it looks like she realizes he made the right choice.
  • Martha found a way not to be committed. She’s a sneaky little bee, I like it.
  • I definitely dislike Spencer now that he tried to turn things around on Chloe and blame her. Also, he’s was a plant for the White House, I think that gives me a good enough reason not to like him.
  • There was an especially sweet kill by Jack in this episode. The show doesn’t show a lot of blood, but that was a good use of blood I must say.
  • Ah, so it seemed like it only took the end of the episode for CTU to find out that Cummings is the mole. Definitely faster than the White House, as they still haven’t figured it.

5×06 – Day 5: 12:00PM – 1:00PM

Jack meets with Mike Novick in hopes of gathering evidence against Cummings. Martha begs Aaron for help while Walt thinks that he is forcing Logan into aiding him with his complicity with the terrorists. Buchanan butts head with Lynn over a decision to violate the President’s orders, while the Russian separatists attempt to escape with the nerve gas.

  • I was expecting Cummings to blame all his wrongdoings onto Mike to save himself, but he just told the truth. Or some type of form of it anyways.
  • I love that Martha hid in the stables and plus she figured out that it’s someone in Logan’s administration is the mole, all by herself. She is officially smarter than everyone on Logan’s team.
  • I really didn’t believe that Audrey and Jack would get back together after everything that happened with Paul. I guess time heals all wounds. Plus she thought he was dead and him coming back would bring back all of the old feelings they had with each other.
  • Aaron Pierce is going to figure all of this out and save Jack and Mike. I think this is the first time Aaron and Jack have met, both of Palmer’s right-hand guys working together, just without Palmer…and now I’m sad again.
  • Jack threatening to cut Cummings’s eye out was a classic Jack moment and this was Logan’s first in-person impression of him that should show him, Jack means all business especially on this day.
  • That just made me think does Jack ever say a joke on the show? Or even laugh at one…I genuinely can’t think of any moments like that with all the action, drama, and tension all over the place.
  • Logan: Damnit! Me: That’s his line. points to Jack.
  • So where is the nerve gas? I really don’t understand the terrorist’s plan for using it, but I guess that’s the point.

5×07 – Day 5: 1:00PM – 2:00PM

Jack learns of a man named Jacob Rossler, who has links to Ivan Erwich. Charles Logan, Mike Novick and Martha Logan discuss the best way to handle the Walt Cummings situation. Eriwch tries to get the canisters to open. Lynn has personal problems that draw him away from work and Chloe fires Spenser.

  • Senator John McCain (R-AZ) appears in this episode in a walk-on role bringing Audrey Raines’s character an informational packet. He appears on the split-screen at the 1:32 minute after the interruption.
  • Interesting that Logan asked Jack himself to stay on (even reinstates him) when just an hour ago he wanted him to leave as soon as possible. Audrey was right when she said that Jack didn’t owe them anything.
  • Oh boy, I didn’t even realize that Kim thinks Jack is dead. To be honest I try not to think about her. So I haven’t really thought of her coming back and I have to say that thought doesn’t fill me up with joy.
  • Though I would like to see her reaction to Jake faking his death, how she looks, and if she’s still with Chase.
  • Logan deserved that slap, it was well needed.
  • We’ll see how long Logan listens to his wife for.
  • This jerk that Jack just arrested has quickly turned from just an old guy working with terrorists to a sick old pervert that I can’t wait to see die.
  • Why did I guess when I first saw Mike that Cummings had killed himself. It was all on his face, Martha’s and Logan’s face just confirmed it and then came the body…
  • Do you know how Jake asking Michelle to let herself get kidnapped again was the worst thing he ever asked of someone? Well, him asking a 15-year-old sex trafficking victim to go with her kidnapper and abuser just topped it.
  • This is like Gael’s wife or was it his mother, whichever it was killing Saunders for killing Gael all over again. How did she even get a gun? If she found that gun that easily then she would’ve killed him a long time ago.
  • Random civilians should not be able to get guns this easily…well, I really wasn’t trying to be ironic right there it just came off that way.

5×08 – Day 5: 2:00PM – 3:00PM

Jack poses as Rossler, the programmer, and manages to trace one of the Sentox nerve gas canisters, but he goes against the President’s orders when the terrorists target a shopping mall. President Logan and Martha argue when she learns that he intends to cover up the real reason for Walt Cummings’s suicide.

  • Hey! One of these terrorists was from that Disney Channel Original movie The Luck of The Irish! I’m really showing my age here…
  • Doesn’t Cummings killing himself reflect badly on Logan and his administration? That he was overwhelmed and overworked with his job to go as far as to kill himself? I would say that doesn’t put them in a good light.
  • However, I do understand why they felt the need to lie, Martha lying to Walt’s wife emphasize why it was probably better that they did lie then just telling the truth.
  • I can’t believe that Lynn actually doesn’t mind sacrificing the innocent people in the mall, just so they won’t blow their cover so they will be lead to the other canisters.
  • I know Jack and probably I am only seeing the smaller picture here, but I don’t care. Jack can and will find another way to stop the release of the other canisters without there being as many casualties that they were anticipating.
  • It wasn’t like they didn’t have any other options either, just like what Audrey said, they could bring the two terrorists in and interrogate them until they got the information they needed.
  • I believe they could have gotten all the canisters without there being any deaths, but I might be one of the very few that actually think that.

5×09 – Day 5: 3:00PM – 4:00PM

Vladimir Bierko kills Ivan Erwich. Jack obtains a data chip from Nathanson, Cummings’ middleman. Chloe finds the name Omicron International on the chip. Lynn figures out that everyone at CTU is working behind his back and has Buchanan taken into custody. Logan decides to give Bierko the route to the Suvarovs’ motorcade.

  • The villian killed off within the first few minutes of the episode that has to be some sort of a record (for the show). Mark Shepherd of course wasn’t the big bad, but even as a mini bad that was quick. It was nice that he was taken out by the actual big bad though.
  • Oh, I had a really good laugh when Curtis was like “you’re a good guy, Jack” then Jack proceeds to knock him out because he has to go meet with James.
  • Random, but Audrey looks even cuter with glasses. I guess that’s a fact about everyone though.
  • I loved that Chloe only helped Audrey because she knew it would help protect Jack.
  • What does it matter that Jack and Audrey dated? It was a year ago when he wasn’t working with CTU and it’s not affecting their work at CTU, so why is it being made into a big deal?
  • 24 does such a great job of creating moral dilemmas. Do we let terrorists kill the Russian President on US soil while they’re leaving for the airport and possibly cause a war or do we let hundreds or thousands of Americans die?
  • I really did love seeing Audrey, Chloe, Edgar, and Bill working together to help Jack as short as it was.
  • I have never been SO FRUSTRATED with a character on this show before like I am with Lynn right now. I actually felt my blood boil when he was putting Bill in holding! Chloe was right to say he’s losing it. Really losing it!!
  • Martha and Aaron Pierce got into the car which is about to hit by the terrorists. Talk about a cliffhanger!

5×10 – Day 5: 4:00PM – 5:00PM

Jack meets Christopher Henderson at Omicron and almost gets blown up. Audrey convinces Curtis to have Lynn held on the grounds that he is mentally unfit to run CTU. Bierko attacks the Suvarovs, but Aaron Pierce saves them and the First Lady. Bierko and Logan talk for the last time, the former promising retaliation.

  • The moral dilemma that Logan has been put in is a terrible position. Either let thousands of Americans die, or the Russian President, his wife, and your wife die. That’s an impossible situation to be placed in.
  • I’m even known by the beginning of the episode that Martha wasn’t prepared to die, she just giving Logan a reason to stop the terrorists and he didn’t…
  • Does this Christopher guy relate back to that Jack subplot in season one that I vaguely remember? Something about former CTU agents being upset at him for ratting them out? Wow, season one feels like a lifetime ago when it was just a few months ago for me.
  • When Jack and Henderson reach the Development Bunker, the two begin to spout about Henderson’s dirty activity at CTU. Henderson claims that he was framed and that it was either George Mason, Nina Meyers, or some unknown party. This conversation is the first mention of George Mason since the aftermath of his death in Season 2 and the final mention of him for the duration of the series. – I miss George Mason.
  • In the scene when Audrey draws Henderson’s secretary away from her desk, she uses the fake name “Jane Espenson.” Espenson was a staff writer on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly, working with fellow writer David Fury, who is a writer and co-exec producer on “24.” – I love that.
  • OH MY GOD, Lynn was literally acting like a dictator this entire episode. Bossing everyone around, ordering them all, not listening to anyone, putting them in holding, like a dictator…
  • Audrey was right to ask Curtis to evoke that clause. Hopefully, we won’t have to see him again, or at least not any time soon.
  • The attack on the Suvarovs and Martha was terrifying, I held my breath for the entire time it was happening. Aaron Pierce saved the day though, which I’m glad he’s been around on the show and deserves his own moment to shine.
  • Jack may have gotten caught off guard with Christopher, but I think that was because of their past besides he thought quick on his feet to save himself.

5×11 – Day 5: 5:00PM – 6:00PM

Jack Bauer interrogates Henderson’s wife at their home. Lynn tries to get his keycard back from his sister and her boyfriend. Terrorists plan to release the nerve gas in a hospital and Curtis tries to stop them. Tony wakes up and asks about Michelle’s fate. Meanwhile, the First Lady tries to avoid the President.

  • This show is really trying to break me with Tony asking about Michelle…and them not being able to tell him she’s dead. This feels like salt over my wounds right now and I do not appreciate this at all.
  • The doctors should have been more careful around Tony. He was director of CTU, he should be able to tell when someone is lying and he did…
  • Tony finding out Michelle was dead just about broke my heart. His shock reaction and then seeing her dead body, it was too much for me to have to relive by now.
  • President Suvarov suspects something and I don’t blame him. Before the attack, Martha asked about the route. That’s a little suspicious.
  • Martha and Aaron…oh boy Novick is right, nothing can happen there. I especially don’t want Aaron to be fired, he’s about the only honest man in the White House. We cannot lose him.
  • Christopher’s wife (to Jack): “Why do you hate him so much?”
  • Jack: *blank face camera zooms in, says nothing*
  • Me: *dies of laughter* Woman, your husband is a terrorist! Why are talking like this is petty high school drama?
  • I don’t why I was so shocked when Jack shot Christopher’s wife instead of him. I didn’t think he would shoot him, but they didn’t give me enough time to think of Jack shooting her. I guess Jack will hurt innocent people if they can help him get what he wants.
  • Then again he does get an ambulance for her after he realizes that Christopher doesn’t care about her or anything really, so he’s not down for hurting innocent people when it serves him no real purpose.
  • 2 canisters have been released, and apparently, only 11 have died from them. Things will probably get a lot worse soon but for now good work. Now onward to stop the other 18 canisters.

5×12 – Day 5: 6:00PM – 7:00PM

President Logan debates Martial Law with Vice President Hal Gardner. Lynn is aghast upon his sister’s death. Jack Bauer has to deal with his daughter’s return, a former mentor who has critical information he needs, and a terrorist attack intended to cripple CTU.

  • Oh, look 24 created deepfakes/photoshop in 2006.
  • OH MY GOD, KIM! She looks really great and even though I thought all of her storylines were almost always horrible, it is nice to see her again on the show.
  • Hopefully, they won’t do anything stupid with her, just inform her that Jack is not dead and have her interact with him. That is all they need to do with her.
  • If this is indeed the best season of 24 like everyone has been telling me, they better not have a stupid Kim storyline. Otherwise, I promise I will hold it against the season.
  • I will say hearing that Kim isn’t with Chase anymore makes me a bit sad. Not that I especially liked them together or anything, just that I liked the idea they had a happy ending with each other.
  • Apparently, the original script for this episode was set up to have Kim arriving with Chase Edmunds (James Badge Dale) to CTU. However, James Badge Dale wasn’t able to return for this episode, so it was changed to have Kim arrive with her psychiatrist and boyfriend, Barry Landes instead. – That’s sucks, I would’ve liked to see them end up together.
  • Kim may seem to be getting Jack a rough time, but I get it. She already lost a parent, thinking she lost another who pops up a year later saying he’s alive would be a rough adjustment and hard on her. She has every right to be angry with Jack, even if I do wish she would cut him a bit of slack.
  • I wish there was a way to make things better for them, but what Kim needs is space from Jack. Then she apparently needed to go to a psychologist (the guy she’s with) is another reason why it probably so hard for her to see Jack alive again.
  • I feel so bad for Tony, he must feel so helpless being stuck in a hospital bed, not being able to help get Michelle’s killer.
  • That Carrie kill felt like it came straight out of a horror movie. Which may have been on purpose now that I think about it.
  • A canister is going to be set off in CTU, and I just got a whiff of anxiety just typing that sentence.
  • Chloe and Edgar…that ending… yeah and now I’m getting teary-eyed.

5×13 – Day 5: 7:00PM – 8:00PM

Jack Bauer and the rest of CTU take action to protect the remaining isolated areas and plan escape tactics. Chloe wrestles with her grief over Edgar Stiles’ death, while Tony seeks revenge on Henderson. Martha bolsters Logan’s judgment as he faces political pressure from Hal Gardner.

  • The season of death just claimed another one. Palmer, Michelle, Cummings, Edgar, and now Tony. I think Tony dying was the first time I actually ugly cried while watching this show. I’ll talk more about it in a bit.
  • This episode felt as much as of bottle episode as 24 is ever going to get. I love bottle episodes of shows and I also enjoyed this one even if it made me ugly cry at the end.
  • I loved all the scenes with Jack, Kim, Audrey, Chloe, Kim’s psychologist, Bill, Lynn, and others at the CTU’s safe spaces.
  • I noticed that even though Sean Astin’s character on 24 is so different from his character on Stranger Things, but both of his characters on both shows died by sacrificing themselves so the others could live.
  • On Stranger Things, he was killed by a demon and on 24 he is killed by the Sentox gas. Both pretty brutal, both pretty honorable. Goodbye Lynn.
  • I don’t like Logan, but I did get emotional when he went through everything that went through the day including almost losing Martha. I don’t know why, but I got teary-eyed when she said he didn’t want to lose her.
  • Kim doesn’t want to have any further contract with Jack, and I think that’s the last time we see her again. It sucks for Jack as he was only protecting her. Maybe things will change between them, but I doubt it. If so, goodbye Kim.
  • Our final goodbye is to Tony Almeida. Tony, who has been here since the very first episode is now dead and gone. One of my favorite characters from the show is not only gone but dead.
  • I believe Jack is the only person left from the first episode who is still on the show. Actually, now that I said that Novick may have been there, but I don’t know, I would have to rewatch it. It’s so sad to think about all the characters we have lost these five seasons. I’m feeling nostalgic and sad for Palmer, Teri, heck even Sherry!
  • I’m so sad to see Tony go, I am not surprised he’s gone just sad and nostalgic for the early days of the shows. Thanks for everything, goodbye Tony. Excuse me while I go cry some more.
  • I do have to mention that with all the actual deaths on the show they have all had a silent clock…interesting they didn’t do it here, or maybe there’s a reason why wink. I may also just be trying to maintain some hope that Tony may have a chance at being alive. Whatever or not that turns out to be true or not, just interesting they played music with his death rather than just silence.

5×14 – Day 5: 8:00PM – 9:00PM

CTU investigates a new lead on Bierko, but finds resistance from German intelligence officer Theo Stoller. Martha Logan is skeptical of the administration’s move for a curfew. New Homeland Security officials attempt to change operating protocol involving Chloe and Bill Buchanan. Meanwhile, Wayne Palmer has some information he has to get to Aaron Pierce that someone doesn’t want getting out.

  • I thought that Nina was played by the Stana Katic from Castle when I was first watching season one, she wasn’t but it’s interesting that the woman I thought was playing her is now on the show a few seasons after Nina was killed off. I wonder if the show wanted an actress that looks similar to Nina for some reason that I haven’t thought of yet.
  • It sucks that Jack couldn’t grieve Tony but I understand they have to keep things going they have a lot more things to worry about but yeah.
  • I knew Colette’s boyfriend wasn’t shady or clueless.
  • Are we going to get one of my famous Jack interrogations?
  • I wonder if this important thing that Wayne has to tell Pierce is something from Palmer’s memoir?
  • I thought for sure the set up was going to go wrong, but everything surprisingly went according to plan.
  • Who just tried to kill Wayne? Terrorists or…
  • Audrey?! Is another one of Jack’s loves evil? I don’t know.
  • I guess that could make sense if explained properly after everything with Paul and thinking she lost Jack, I can see Audrey turning to the dark side. But, for Jake’s stake, I hope that isn’t the case.

5×15 – Day 5: 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Jack is forced to interrogate Audrey Raines when he learned that she might be connected to Bierko and the terrorists. Wayne Palmer and Aaron Pierce flee from armed men who have ordered from Christopher Henderson to kill them. Vladimir Bierko and his men execute the next phase of attacks by targeting a gas company and releasing the Sentox gas throughout Los Angeles.

  • They sure took action against Audrey very quickly compared to other people that they thought were a mole seasons before.
  • They really used Nina against Jack here, like they weren’t fooled by Nina either.
  • Cummings and Audrey having an affair, not good but like Chloe said it doesn’t make her guilty.
  • KATE MARA! Another famous person who appeared on 24 before making it big.
  • Kate Mara’s character seems pretty scared of Miles, this will go somewhere. I’m going to guess she was assaulted by him.
  • It was wrong for Jack to interrogate Audrey. Things became far too personal for either one of them to think clearly.
  • I knew that guy was a creep. I don’t think they needed to introduce a sexual-harassment storyline to make that point but I do always like seeing Chloe being a badass so I will excuse it.
  • Everything is breaking down really fast at CTU, but then again things are always breaking down within CTU.
  • Poor Audrey…
  • Is Kate Mara’s character just hypersensitive? I’m not sure where they are going with her character.
  • Jack did his best Tom Cruise impression with his running away from explosions at the end of the episode.

5×16 – Day 5: 10:00PM – 11:00PM

Audrey goes along with a plan to remove Bill Buchanan from power in order to keep Chloe O’Brian at CTU to assist Jack. Jack teams up with Wayne Palmer to help David Palmer’s source in the White House: Martha Logan’s aide, Evelyn Martin. Hal Gardner has a run in with Wayne, and Jack suspects the Vice President might be behind the day’s events.

  • Jack even outdoes firefighters at their own jobs.
  • I like that Jack admitted he’s scared about whatever this threat is. We know he’s tough, but it’s nice to see him vulnerable. He’s not Superman, just a man.
  • Pierce is just saving one life after another today much like Jack.
  • Other than moles, this show sure does love using bargains to advance their storylines. I’m not complaining, just something I have noticed while watching the show.
  • A daughter that’s been kidnapped? Haven’t I seen that storyline before? *wink* *wink*
  • These meet up exchanges are always OK you give me what I want first and the other person is like no you give me what I want first. Every single time does not matter what movie or TV show it’s always gone down like that.
  • It’s not the Vice President who’s been behind today’s events. It’s the President!!!!!
  • I can’t say that I’m surprised that the president ended up being a bad guy because I knew I didn’t like him for a reason, but I still think that this is a neat twist.
  • I have no clue how Jack or anybody else is going to be able to prove that the president has been responsible for every single one of these terrorist attacks but I am very excited to see what will happens next.

5×17 – Day 5: 11:00PM – 12:00PM

New discoveries regarding the day’s horrific events keep Jack Bauer away from CTU, whose agenda is ordered to reprioritize by the White House. Chloe and Audrey team together to assist with field operations and the investigation takes an unexpected turn.

  • Jack is going to have to take down the president that’s a twist I genuinely never saw coming.
  • Just imagine how crazy it would be to have your own president implicated into terrorist attacks that have been happening to your country. I know we have had incompetent presidents before (still do) but I just can’t imagine how the world would be after your own president became known for being implicated for their own countries’ terrorist attacks.
  • It makes for just such a great storyline to portray on a television show but this would be absolutely terrifying if it were to happen in real life.
  • Gregory Itzin was initially worried when his character, President Charles Logan, was revealed to be behind the terrorist conspiracy. However, the writers convinced him that Charles only resorted to such desperate measures out of a firm belief that he was doing it for the long-term benefit of his country.
  • So what was Logan planning on doing? I’m curious how all of this started.
  • I don’t think it was a good idea to leave Evelyn and her daughter by themselves.
  • And so it begins Jack being implicated in crimes that he had nothing to do with this seems to also be a common trend for every season.
  • I can only imagine how scary Jack is to everyday people.
  • Wouldn’t Wayne be recognized? Even if you have never seen the President’s brother before I would think on the day that he’s been killed his family would be shown on television often.
  • I’m glad to see Chloe and Audrey lost that CTU tracker.
  • I like that pretty much everyone is questioning Logan on his decision to arrest Bauer. They aren’t all sheep, that’s good.
  • I wonder how Martha is going to react to everything her husband done today including almost killing her.
  • There have been so many pieces at play this season I just I can’t wait to see them all come together.
  • I knew Wayne would be recognized, I’m glad they didn’t let that be a loose thread.
  • I knew there it wasn’t a good decision to leave them alone. I’m guessing that Evelyn and her daughter were killed. Glad, we didn’t see that.
  • Martha is started to figure out something is wrong.
  • I just love how Jack has had his satchel on him the entire day.
  • I love standoff. It sucks that the bank guy was killed, another civilian has gone trying to help Jack.

5×18 – Day 5: 12:00PM – 1:00AM

Although President Charles Logan claims the country is no longer under attack, martial law is still enforced and CTU remains under intense pressure to find the remaining fugitives. Meanwhile, Jack Bauer, Audrey Raines, and Secretary of Defense James Heller reunite for a pivotal meeting.

  • Hey, what happened to the bank guy that was killed? I know he died, but Jack and Wayne kinda just forgot about him. Oh and his poor wife still probably tied up at home.
  • Bill’s back! I’m glad he’s been one of the better CTU heads the show has had.
  • I understand the Secretary of State thinks what he’s doing right because like I said earlier I can’t imagine what would happen if news of this broke out in real life.
  • This Miles guy is like a cartoon villain.
  • Mike Novick is back! Everybody’s coming back for the final stretch of the season.
  • Oh boy, Mike knows the military isn’t tracking Jack.
  • Knowing that Logan is the villain makes all his scenes just so eerie creepy.
  • Miles isn’t just a jerk, he’s also an idiot! But, go Chloe!
  • Logan go-to line is that ”I’m the President” he is such a villain! How did I not notice that before?
  • This Logan scene has me on the edge of my seat.
  • Logan trying to explain why he’s done what he’s done is just so frustrating. Maybe his reasons why can be understood, but his coverup of what he’s doing is what makes everything terrible.
  • Pierce! He better be okay!
  • Audrey! She better be okay!
  • Logan turned the tables around against Heller! But, I think he may have said too much to the Vice President. I thought Garner looked confused about what all was going on, he’s going to be suspicious of Logan again.
  • I think Logan will go down as this show’s best big bad. Yes, even better Nina which is a feat I didn’t think I would ever say.

5×19 – Day 5: 1:00AM – 2:00AM

While Jack comes closer to obtaining the recording from Christopher Henderson, tensions at the President’s retreat escalate as Martha grows more suspicious of her husband. Meanwhile, Heller and Curtis help in the struggle against Henderson. A surprising new ally joins Chloe and Bill as they continue to assist Jack, and a new antagonist is revealed.

  • The entire first 12 minutes of this episode has to be the most intense of this show yet.
  • Heller killing himself instead of being killed by Henderson and his men was quite a sacrifice.
  • Another fly dropped this season, we have lost so many people it’s insane. I don’t think I have seen another show where they killed so many people off in just one season.
  • Are they suggesting that Logan has someone to kill Martha? That’s insane, she’s his wife that’s a very suspicious look. Multiple people in his personal life have died in just a day, not a good look if his wife also dies.
  • Oh yeah, Curtis is back. I was wondering where he went.
  • Karen may have been just unsure before, but after this conversation with Sherry, I think she probably is suspicious of Logan now.
  • I think it’s safe to say Martha’s relationship with Logan is over for good.
  • I’m glad they confirmed when this whole operation started. This has been going on for 18 months.
  • Audrey has almost died at least twice these past two episodes. I am just glad that at least for now she is OK.
  • Go, Karen! She’s finally listening to her gut.
  • Jack is on a plane, and the last time that happened it went crashing down. I hope that doesn’t happen again with this one.

5×20 – Day 5: 2:00AM – 3:00AM

Although Karen wishes to help Buchanan, he is still taken into CTU to maintain the cover while Chloe escapes. Meanwhile, Jack hijacks a plane in search for the recording that Henderson handed off. At the retreat, Martha grows increasingly unstable, causing further dispute between Logan and Mike. Graem continues to manipulate Logan into taking drastic measures.

  • God, I loathe Miles. he doesn’t have any redeeming qualities at all. Once again he’s essentially a cartoon villain.
  • Jack knocking out the Air Marshal was slick. Though his plan seems somewhat flawed.
  • Logan said his relationship with Marsha is over to Mike might have been the first thing he hasn’t lied about all day.
  • Jack is causing panic on a plane. Not good. Really not good.
  • Mike is a lot smarter than Marsha and Logan thinks he is.
  • Jack threatening people on a plane with a gun is terrifying. I have no clue if 9/11 took place within this show, but if it did, that would be one way to frighten everyone on board only a few years afterward.
  • Yeah, Jack! He got the recording back!
  • Are you kidding me! Logan going to shoot down the plane of innocent people just to cover up everything he’s done today. It’s in line with what he’s been doing, but wow.
  • If the plane gets shot down this really would be the show’s own in the universe 9/11.

5×21 – Day 5: 3:00AM – 4:00AM

With Graem’s help, Logan decides to launch one final attempt to secure the recording that implicates him in the conspiracy surrounding the day’s events. At CTU, several agents begin working with Jack, Chloe, and Buchanan. Tensions continue to rise in Logan’s retreat as the President contemplates suicide. Meanwhile, Bierko is transported to another facility, and Miles Papazian attempts to further his career by making a key decision.

  • Wait, Heller’s actually okay? I didn’t see that coming. I’m suspicious, not sure if Heller will survive this season.
  • I can’t see Logan shooting a plane done. Jack is on it, so we know he won’t die. But what about everyone else on it. How would Jack survive and not everyone else?
  • This whole situation is terrifying, I’m actually anxiously watching this.
  • The fact that Logan was considering to still shoot down the plane in front of Mike is another example of where Mile should be suspicious of him.
  • I let out an audible sigh of relief after the plane landed safely.
  • I don’t think it was a good idea for Karen to tell Miles about the conspiracy about Logan. I hope I’m wrong but I’m afraid I’m not.
  • Ever since Logan has been revealed to be a villain he’s been alarmingly terrifying but especially here.
  • Let’s not prematurely celebrate, we still have three episodes left.
  • Is Logan going to kill himself?
  • Oh my God, he is thinking about killing himself! That sneaky little bastard trying to escape the consequences of his actions.
  • This feels like a horror movie, I would know I have seen so many of them.
  • I think I hate Miles more than I hate Logan at this point quite frankly.

5×22 – Day 5: 4:00AM – 5:00AM

Jack, Chloe, Bill, and Karen realize that the recording was erased by Miles. However, CTU is soon forced to switch tracks and focus on a new threat: Bierko escaped, and he plans to seize another powerful weapon. With the new threat quickly approaching, Jack must use Christopher Henderson in a delicate sting operation. Meanwhile, the drama at the retreat turns deadly as Aaron Pierce is set to be killed.

  • I want to squeeze this little weasel’s head off. Either way, I’m so glad that Miles is gone.
  • Of course, Bierko got away! And of course, more canisters are left!
  • I hate Logan even more for what he’s done to Aaron!
  • Aaron is still standing his ground, even if it ends up getting him killed.
  • Aaron better not die!
  • Oh, Bill pulled a What Would David Palmer Do if he was still alive to Jack.
  • Nice little layer to Henderson not wanting immunity, instead, he rather simply to disappear.
  • Go, Martha, she saved Aaron from being killed!
  • These canisters are literally making people drop like flies much like this entire season.
  • I feel like this was probably the most filler induced episode that they have so far this season. But, not a misfire by any means just saying it felt mostly like filler.

5×23 – Day 5: 5:00AM – 6:00AM

While Jack and Henderson secure a missile submarine seized by Bierko as Martha and Aaron form an alliance with Mike Novick. Meanwhile, Logan prepares to leave for David Palmer’s sendoff, which Jack exploits to his advantage after he settles his other personal vendetta against Henderson.

  • Shooting a plane down. Sinking a submarine. A lot of harm happening to vehicles today.
  • Knowing this show, this engineer will be killed. I hope not, but this show is killing nearly everyone at this point.
  • Hearing Jack describing splitting a throat may be worse than actually seeing it.
  • Jack is such a badass, sorry if I haven’t said it enough this season.
  • Missiles diverted!
  • Justice for Palmer, Michelle, and Tony!
  • Jack is going after Logan? Like going to kill him? Killing the President is one thing I don’t think Jack could come back from.
  • Chloe was married??? When, how, why???????
  • Palmer and Sherry…imagine thinking back to them being apart of the happy days of this show.
  • I feel so bad about Martha. I know she probably feels forced to do this with Logan. Hopefully, Jack can get this plan started as quickly as possible for her sake.

5×24 – Day 5: 6:00AM – 7:00AM

After Bierko and Henderson are killed, Mike, Aaron, Martha, and Jack conspire to kidnap President Logan as part of a plan to secure a confession about the original conspiracy behind the day’s events. When Jack’s gambit fails, Martha and Chloe initiate a back-up plan to incriminate the President. Meanwhile, Jack’s plan to disappear again is put at risk when someone from his past re-enters the picture and changes everything.

  • It’s the final countdown!
  • Wow, Logan and Martha are already getting dressed. Talk about a one minute man lol!
  • Jack gets a change of clothing as well, finally! Imagine Kiefer Sutherland and most of the rest of the cast having to wear the same clothing for months filming (sure they probably have multiple pairs, but still).
  • God, Logan is self-absorbed. He wouldn’t have believed what Martha told him if he wasn’t.
  • Everything this season has come to this, such an amazing feeling.
  • I loved that Jack just stayed silent when Logan was baffling on.
  • I loved how every death this season has happened is being addressed here.
  • This can’t be how the season ends with everybody being in jail for treason. I won’t accept it.
  • I’m ready for Logan to get his comeuppance because he has to get it before the season ends? Right?
  • Hahahahahahaha, Logan should have checked his own self!
  • Good going Jack, this is much better than Jack killing Logan.
  • A pretty blonde is always there at the end to meet up with Jack. Whether it be Kim, Kate, or Aubrey now I’m pretty sure this has happened at least once every season.
  • Jack just got kidnapped! What was that? China????
  • Aww, that photo of Chloe and Edgar.
  • I knew it! I knew this was China doing!
  • This is going to bleed into next season huh? Welp.
  • I wasn’t interested in this storyline when it first started in S4, so I’m not sure if I’m going to like it when it bleeds over into season 6.
  • I’ll try to give it a chance, but if I’m being honest I’m not that optimistic about it.

Wow, what a season. I definitely agree with everyone who said this was the best season of the show, so far it is. And I doubt anything will be able to top it. Season 5 is as close to perfect television as you can get. Which is really hard to do in general, let alone a season that is 24 episodes long. That’s a major task, but 24 exceeded all my expectations and more. Watching all 24 episodes was a blast and I never once bored watching an episode that should tell everything you need to know about this season. I believe I heard that season 6 is probably the worst season of 24, so my expectations will be a little lower, but even then I’m excited to get into. Surely it’s nowhere as bad as Teri’s amnesia storyline and Kim’s coyote meeting. Right?

Pros: Excellent well thought out twists, phenomenal performances, faced paced, always captivating, and very addictive to watch.

Cons: Kate Mara’s storyline, what even was that?

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  1. This makes me wanna watch this season all over again. I haven’t seen it since it first aired. In your thoughts from the earlier episodes whenever you said you didn’t like Logan, I was like, JUST WAIT! Great television.

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