Season In Review: The Office (S2)

2×01 – The Dundies

The time comes for the annual Dundies Awards to award everyone in the office with their fine work with odd categories. Created by Michael, he is overly excited for it while everyone else couldn’t care less. Michael sends Pam to look at highlights from the past Dundies while preparing to have this year’s Dundies as Chili’s.

  • A great first episode of the season definitely enjoyed this episode more than any other episode last season.
  • Greg Daniels previously considered using the plot from this episode for the pilot, but decided it was a “very risky thing to do” and decided to make the pilot a direct adaption of the first episode of the British version. – The pilot was alright, but this was a much better episode. I don’t know how it would have done as a pilot though.
  • Greg Daniels has said that The 40-Year-Old Virgin was a huge part of the process where the show went from being promising but very erratic in Season 1 to a huge hit. The reason for this is that Steve Carell’s performance in Judd Apatow’s film gave them a guide for how to make Carell’s Michael Scott into a more nuanced and likable character (even as Michael was not intended to be, and wasn’t, as nice or good a person as Carell’s Andy character from the film). One of the major problems with Season 1 was that Michael was often mean or menacing, and keying into Carell’s other work helped re-calibrate Michael into more of a well-meaning person who was still often ridiculous and/or incompetent.
  • I hope The Dundies become an annual episode for the show. I think they can get a lot of mileage out of this.
  • Jenna Fischer revealed during an episode of the Office Ladies podcast that the original script had her vomiting on the bar when she’s drunk and sitting next to Jim. The Chili’s personnel who were overseeing the production (as the episode took place at a Chili’s location, albeit fictional) were concerned as to what repercussions that might have on their brand and filming shut down as Greg Daniels and Mindy Kaling scrambled to find an alternative to that scene – which ended up being Pam falling off the stool, and subsequently being banned from Chili’s due to her disorderly behavior. – I like that version better anyway.
  • The end of this episode includes a Chili’s employee announcing that Pam had been banned by the franchise for her drunken antics. In 2017, Jenna Fischer tweeted a photo of herself outside a Chili’s, asking if she should go in. Chili’s later sent out a mock press release, saying: Effective immediately, Chili’s has removed the longstanding ban on a Scranton, Pennsylvania woman who allegedly caused a disturbance during a company awards party held at a Chili’s near the Pennsylvania town of Scranton. “After reviewing the good conduct of Pam, I have decided to lift the now 11-year ban,” said Kelli Valade, President of Chili’s. “Pam is an inspiration to many and we welcome her with open arms.” – Just shows how truly universal this show is.
  • I kinda hate that Jim and Pam’s first kiss was when she is so drunk and they’re just going to pretend it never happened. I know more kisses are to come, but I would have preferred this not being their first.

2×02 – Sexual Harassment

The office reviews its sexual harassment policy in light of explicit e-mails.

  • Micheal would combine Friends and Seinfeld together.
  • The cast and crew have widely credited the show’s popularity via downloads on iTunes with first saving it from an early Season 2 cancellation and then making it into a big hit as word of mouth spread from people who watched episodes on non-TV platforms. John Krasinski talked in one interview about seeing someone watching the “Sexual Harassment” episode on an iPod and then looking up, seeing him and saying “Hey, it’s Jim! Hi!”; this made Krasinski feel like the show had broken through to become a success.
  • This episode being titled Sexual Harassment worries me.
  • The infamous Toby hate is starting early.
  • The guys turning around to make jokes at Micheal’s expense is a great dose of karma.
  • MILF the term has been around since 2005.
  • Michael uses his infamous “that’s what she said” running joke for the first time. – The first of many.
  • Dwight is just one of many people the public school system failed with anatomy at least.
  • Ah, this Todd Packer is quite the character.
  • Jim broke Micheal so easily. He has no restraint.
  • This Phyllis scene is seriously making me cringe. Which in other words is when the show is at its best.

2×03 – Office Olympics

Ready to finalize his deal for a new condo, Michael is away with Dwight while Jim rallies the staff together for office games.

  • I too would die of boredom if I worked there.
  • Throwing items in Dwight’s coffee cup is a fun idea until he accidentally chokes on said items.
  • Dwight has never had a friend, has he?
  • Is Cracked an embarrassing magazine?
  • Michael’s real estate agent, Carol Stills, is portrayed by Steve Carell’s wife Nancy (Walls) Carell. Both Carell’s were correspondents for The Daily Show.
  • I could see these Office Olympics also being annual episodes every season.
  • 30 years of paying off a house? I would have a panic attack too.
  • It is actually nice to see the office members happy for once.
  • Michael and Dwight being roommates could have been a sitcom on its own.
  • Nice to see at least Angela (and maybe others) aren’t oblivious to Jim and Pam’s close relationship.
  • And just like that, the fun ends.
  • Jim really is too good for this job.
  • That was a sweet ending.

2×04 – The Fire

A fire in the kitchen relegates the staff to the parking lot as help is on its way.

  • Does Pam not notice or get anything from the fact Jim is dating someone who closely resembles her?
  • Is Dwight jealous of Ryan having an evaluation? Because that completely tracks with his character.
  • Dwight’s relationship with Micheal is his closest thing to a real relationship.
  • Angela and Dwight are the only ones that actually care about this fire. Interesting 😉
  • My five movies would be Back to the Future, Before Sunrise, Gone Girl, The Nice Guys, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
  • Now Dwight is competing with Ryan for Michael’s love and affection like a son.
  • Dwight like The Crow? I wouldn’t think he would like anything action or superhero related.
  • Okay, ”Everybody Hurts” is a good gag.
  • Who Would You Do is not exactly HR friendly.
  • Wouldn’t the firefighters stop Dwight from going back into the building?
  • I have always liked We Didn’t Start the Fire. Also Billy Joel and R.E.M in one episode? The episode was craving 80s music here.
  • Just like Pam and Katy, I too deeply love Legally Blonde.

2×05 – Halloween

Michael is pressured by corporate to fire someone, which puts a damper on the office Halloween party.

  • I do love a good holiday-themed episode of a show.
  • Pam looks adorable in her cat costume.
  • Except for this one probably won’t be as fun as Micheal has to fire someone.
  • I don’t envy anyone that has to fire someone. It doesn’t look fun at all.
  • Oh, this is the episode that originated ”Ah, I’m gonna kill myself!” Which only really works because of how the dark the humor this show can go.
  • In his departure speech, Devon invites everyone to meet him for drinks except Michael (who fired him), Creed (who suggested he be fired), Dwight (for unknown reasons), and Angela (for unknown reasons). – I’m not sure about Angela, but who would want to go out for drinks with Dwight?
  • This has been been the one episode that has actually made me feel bad for Micheal. And that truly says a lot!

2×06 – The Fight

Jim rallies the staff together to witness a showdown between Michael and Dwight at Dwight’s martial arts school.

  • Putting Dwight’s desk in the bathroom would probably be as annoying for everyone who has to use it at some point in the day.
  • Oh, Micheal, it’s kinda endearing yet hilarious seeing him confuse Raging Bull for Taxi Driver and Panico for De Niro.
  • That Michael Jackson joke is probably as weird today as it was then. Oh and the Mike Tyson one too.
  • I would like to see Jim and Dwight in a fight. The tension between those two just needs to be left out.
  • Queer Eye reference! The original one.
  • Out of all the employees that could’ve punched Michael the one that actually likes him, Dwight did it. Oh, the irony.
  • Pam and Jim are such instigators. They should be very proud of themselves for this fight.
  • Pam and Jim are literally a couple without benefits. Aka the exact opposite of friends with benefits.
  • When everyone gets off the elevator after the fight, Rainn Wilson struggles not to smile after running into the door.
  • Cringe intensifies as Michael says the word gangbang.
  • Oh, you are so naive, Dwight.
  • In the final shot, the actor playing the sensei who judges Michael and Dwight’s fight can be seen breaking character and struggling to hide laughter. – Lots of breaking character in this one.

2×07 – The Client

With Michael and Jan Levinson-Gould away from the office to land a new client, the staff discovers an unproduced screenplay in Michael’s office.

  • How do you continue to date someone that brought their brother and left you on your first date? Come on Pam, raise your standards.
  • This doesn’t look like any Chili’s I’ve ever been to before.
  • I am not even remotely surprised that Michael has a joke book.
  • I would unironically watch Micheal’s movie.
  • Well, it’s nice that someone appreciates Michaels’s jokes.
  • Haha, Michael sees Dwight as we see him. Haha!
  • I can’t blame Jan for how she’s feeling because I would be Jan in this situation as well.
  • Having Micheal not screw up the meeting but actually nailing was a nice surprise.
  • Micheal and Jan work in a weird way that I actually like.
  • Jan realizing the mistake she made with Micheal and questioning how she ended up doing it is hilarious.
  • It was definitely a date Jim.
  • I love the look Jim and Micheal share at the end.

2×08 – Performance Review

Instead of talking to his employees about their work, Michael uses their annual review time to gather feedback on his “relationship” with Jan.

  • Jan is even more conflicted regarding her feelings with Micheal than I thought she would be.
  • Angela and Dwight both like performance reviews? Foreshadowing their future relationship?!
  • Will they ever reveal what the cameras are really there for?
  • This isn’t saying anything new but Michael has to be the most awkward character I have ever seen.
  • How is Dwight so unsure about the dates? I feel like he would have been the most prepared for.
  • That Tom joke is probably as far as the dark humor will go on this show.
  • Ugh, the cringe is back!! Who wrote that about Micheal and Jan?!
  • Jan somehow dragged Micheal and then proceed to compliment him all within the same minute. But yeah someone had to eventually tell off Micheal. It was necessary.

2×09 – Email Surveillance

Michael decides to set up e-mail surveillance for all company e-mail and discovers that Jim has invited everyone over for a barbeque except him.

  • Why Michael wants to read their emails I don’t know it’s just opening up a can of worms he’s gonna want to close back up.
  • Angela and Dwight don’t get together this early in the show, right?
  • Micheal was that kid picked last on the dodgeball team, wasn’t he?
  • Nobody’s boss should ever go to their employees’ party, but Michael especially would be a buzz kill.
  • Jim’s place is a little bigger than I initially suspected it would be.
  • Micheal wasn’t kidding about his dream of being an action star.
  • In this episode Michael is obesseed with pulling a gun during scenes in his improv class. Steve Carell says that this was inspired by a former student who, in his own improv days, always used to pull a gun during scenes.
  • How old is Jim supposed to be? Because his room looks more like a college student’s dorm room.
  • Does Kevin think Ryan will set something on fire just by touching it?
  • And Pam gets little taste of her own medicine, good deal.

2×10 – Christmas Party

Seeing the party is headed for disastrous boredom, Michael breaks corporate policy to buy alcohol for the staff.

  • Ah, nice a Christmas episode!
  • Even with Jim saying that he still won’t tell Pam his feelings for her. They’re both so in denial.
  • Sometimes my facial expressions line up with the rest of the characters and it feels so good when that happens.
  • Kevin would be me, I would get myself and wouldn’t tell anyone.
  • At least it’s not a bad shirt Creed picked out for Jim.
  • Micheal just has to show everyone else up.
  • I’m with Angela this is very mean. The gifts don’t make sense given to other people than who they were meant for.
  • I feel extra bad for Jim. Pam isn’t getting that letter.
  • Michael has made such a mess because of the knitted oven mitten.
  • This Christmas party sucks.
  • Billy Zane from Titanic? Did Dwight watch that movie in full?
  • Why is Pam even with whatshisface? She doesn’t even have to be with Jim, but just have some self-respect woman and be someone who makes an effort for you.
  • Kevin Malone was the name of a guy I went to school with. The irony is incredible.
  • Angela’s slow breakdown during this party has been great.
  • That ending just proves why people shouldn’t get drunk at Office parties.

2×11 – Booze Cruise

It is time for the first Dunder Mifflin camaraderie event for the year and Michael decides to set his motivational speech on a mandatory, late-night booze cruise. Onboard, Jim is absolutely devastated when Roy finally asks Pam to set a date for the wedding.

  • Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, and David Denman got seasick while filming.
  • The trend of putting Dwight’s things in different places than where they’re supposed to be continues.
  • I would like to see the team rob a bank and then probably end up in jail together.
  • A cruise in January? I guess that would be cheap.
  • I want to meet Michael’s parents so badly just to see how and why he’s the way he is.
  • Who would want to go on a cruise with their coworkers?
  • Amy Adams is back!
  • Michael dancing in this may be my favorite thing he’s ever done thus far. And seriously they picked the best music for the scene.
  • The silence between Jim and Pam speaks volumes. No puns intended.
  • Wow, you could actually see Jim’s heart break into two.
  • Jim is just as much a terrible boyfriend to Amy Adams as Roy is to Pam.
  • I’m not so sure if Jim telling Micheal his feelings for Pam was a good idea.
  • Michael really doesn’t pay attention to the office staff if he didn’t see Jim and Pam as a romantic couple.
  • That was actually nice advice Micheal gave Jim.

2×12 – The Injury

Michael’s “injury” from a George Foreman Grill distracts the staff from Dwight, the one with the real injury.

  • How do you burn your foot on a grill?
  • Oh, nevermind that’s how. Only Michael would be dumb enough to be injured like that.
  • Micheal’s dislike of Dwight and favoritism of Ryan is so hilarious for some reason.
  • Dwight definitely has a head injury probably a concussion.
  • Is no one going to figure out that Dwight is hurt until the end of the episode?
  • A concussion made Dwight nicer? Weird.
  • I wouldn’t want to Micheal actually badly injured. He might be worse.
  • Michael confusing Big for Philadelphia is peak comedy.
  • Michael admitting he brushes his teeth for 10 seconds!
  • I agree with Jim, I too would like to see Michael’s face smashed down on a grill.
  • Finally, someone realized Dwight has a concussion.
  • Aspirin in a pudding cup, that’s so smart.
  • Aww, Jim knows Dwight’s middle name. They really are friends.
  • Pam telling Oscar, but really just saying for Angela was really considerate.
  • This episode is B.J Novak’s (who plays Ryan and is a writer and producer for the show) favorite episode of The Office. – Definitely one of my favorite episodes this far.

2×13 – The Secret

Jim fears the secret he told to Michael, in confidence, will be revealed to the staff.

  • Micheal stealing Jim’s joke is such a Micheal move.
  • I knew Micheal’s loose lips might spill the beans about Jim’s feelings for Pam.
  • Dwight is such a stalker. He knows everything about everyone.
  • Who actually goes to Hooters. Everyone jokes about it, but does anyone actually go to them to eat?
  • Micheal thinks of women in such a superficial way. He’ll have to grow up before he ever has a chance with someone.
  • Micheal looks like a completely different person with his hair like that.
  • Micheal spilled the beans to the staff! I knew he would! Micheal couldn’t have even do one thing right.
  • Well, at least Pam took Jim’s revelation pretty well.
  • Dwight is such an idiot sometimes hahaha!
  • At last, Micheal knows when to shut up talking about Pam and Jim’s relationship.

2×14 – The Carpet

Michael’s office becomes the victim of an odorous prank which subjects the office to his punishment.

  • Poor Ryan, he can’t catch a break!
  • It’s not just in-universe that a smelly prank was pulled. Steve Carell secretly threw a stink bomb into Michael’s office just prior to filming in order to elicit genuine disgust responses from his co-stars.
  • Micheal locking Kevin into his office! Hahaha! That’s something he would have done to Toby and probably Dwight.
  • Are they implying Toby’s a racist because he doesn’t want to sit near Kelly?
  • Okay, Toby is not a racist. Kelly just talks way too much.
  • Did Micheal get all his negative traits from Todd?
  • Just when I think Micheal has made every offensive joke there is, he believes what happens to his carpet is a terrorist act.
  • Is Michael’s idea of punishment for the office staff is for them not to do their jobs?
  • Of course, it was Todd who did it. He’s the only person sick enough to do something like that.
  • Well, that was a sweet ending.

2×15 – Boys and Girls

Jan comes into the Scranton Branch to give all the female employees a group seminar on women in the workplace. Upset that he is not allowed in on the proceedings, Michael takes all the men of Dunder Mifflin down into the warehouse for some “guy time” with the warehouse workers. Pam is offered a chance to pursue her dreams of drawing and Roy confronts Jim about his feelings for Pam.

  • The genesis for the episode came from an idea Angela Kinsey (Angela) and Jenna Fischer (Pam) had while spending time together on the set of the series.
  • Yay, I’m glad Jan is back. I like Jan.
  • I knew Micheal not being allowed in would infuriate him.
  • Dwight knowing nothing about the female anatomy continues.
  • So Micheal fails at his job upstairs and at the warehouse too?! Wonderful.
  • Oh no, Micheal is gonna spill the beans to Roy, isn’t he?
  • Roy talking to Jim went much better than expected.
  • Michael could’ve killed someone using that lift. It’s miraculous that he didn’t.
  • I think that Pam getting a job that she actually enjoys would do wonders for her.
  • Angela and Dwight are an amazing couple I can’t wait to see more of them.
  • A union would actually not be a bad idea but of course, Michael wants to deflect the blame onto women.
  • Jane talks to Michael now as she was his mother.
  • Jim encouraging Pam to do this job it’s a beautiful thing to see.
  • Roy and Pam are the definition of a toxic relationship.
  • Pam breaking down seem so unexpected, but makes total sense seeing her choose a life she doesn’t even want.
  • As a black person, yes we do like pizza. Unless you are lactose intolerant or just don’t eat pork everyone pretty much eats pizza and likes it.
  • Hopefully, sooner rather than later Pam realizes her worth.
  • Scenes were filmed where Dwight brought his “spud gun” to the men’s meeting and wreaked havoc, but they were cut from the original broadcast because they upstaged the other parts of the story. – I would have liked to have seen those scenes.

2×16 – Valentine’s Day

When Michael visits Dunder Mifflin’s corporate headquarters in New York on Valentine’s Day, he and Jan are both in for a surprise. Meanwhile, back in Scranton, the office staff celebrates Valentine’s Day grade school style.

  • Jim without a doubt has something planned for Pam for Valentine’s Day.
  • Angela and Dwight are fantastic! They get each other in the only way they can.
  • Ryan, you idiot! Don’t ever begin to date someone right before Valentine’s Day.
  • Most of the street scenes in New York City were improvised. – I am not at all surprised by that.
  • There’s Conan! Of course, Michael would miss Conan for Tina Fey.
  • Michael goes to New York on a business trip and thinks he spots Tina Fey outside 30 Rockefeller Plaza. According to producer Greg Daniels, the bit about Tina Fey was based on the fact that people thought all dark-haired women with glasses near Rockefeller Center were Tina Fey.
  • Phyllis is quite the catch.
  • Dwight going to Pam for Valentine’s Day advice! They’re slowly but surely becoming friends.
  • I wouldn’t have read too much into Roy not giving Pam anything due to saving for the wedding. But this is just a glimpse into a bigger problem for their relationship.
  • Michael Lose Lips!!!! That won’t endear Jan to her colleagues at all.
  • I don’t think this is what they wanted at all. Micheal never knows when to read the room.
  • “Micheal Scott Joint” – He’s not Spike Lee.
  • I would choke Micheal if he was a real person. How Jan didn’t choke him, I don’t know.
  • At least Micheal fixed everything for Jan.
  • Wow, Jim didn’t get Pam anything. Not even Anonymously.
  • Woah that teddy bear is bigger than Kevin.
  • I love it when the cameras catch them by surprise. Their reactions are always the best, Jan is no different.
  • In the DVD commentary, Greg Daniels described how some of Michael’s actions, such as having the requested branch info, unlike Craig, and saving Jan’s job by deflecting Craig’s comments when talking to David Wallace, were scripted to show how he plausibly remains employed.

2×17 – Dwight’s Speech

Michael coaches pompous Dwight on the finer art of public speaking after being named as Salesman of the Year.

  • Someone hit Micheal in the face with the football!
  • Dwight would take down Ryan during office football.
  • The pizza sounds better than the money if I’m being honest.
  • I’m surprised Micheal hasn’t messed with Dwight’s head like this before.
  • Micheal and Dwight f*cked up in two completely different ways. Both equally as wrong.
  • I love that Kelly assumed Brad Pitt was injured because of him cheating on Jennifer Aniston.
  • I think it’s good that Jim wants to get out of town. It would do him a world of good.
  • A wedding at the VA? Sounds like Roy is trying to have his wedding at a discount.
  • Aww, Angela wants to see Dwight speak.
  • Kevin, you pervert.
  • Dwight, you couldn’t possibly be any worse than Micheal that’s for sure.
  • The banging of the podium could be taken down a notch, but otherwise good speech.
  • Angela is filming Dwight like she’s Regina Geroge’s mother and he’s Regina George.

2×18 – Take Your Daughter To Work Day

A routine office day is changed when children come to Dunder Mifflin for “Take Your Daughter to Work Day.” Michael is surprised when he strikes up a friendship with the five-year-old daughter of his sworn enemy, Toby. Pam is desperate to befriend her colleagues’ offspring and a misunderstanding puts Ryan under Stanley’s thumb.

  • I love that Dwight and Jim can only get on the same page when talking about superheroes.
  • Toby’s daughter is adorable.
  • Dwight is just as awkward around kids as I thought he would be.
  • I’m on the same page with Micheal, kids kinda make me uncomfortable. I definitely don’t want them.
  • Jim is amazing around kids, no surprise there.
  • Kelly looking at Ryan like Michael looks at Ryan. Poor Ryan.
  • I knew that Stanley and Ryan’s scene was coming. I had already seen it, but it was just as hilarious as the first time I saw it.
  • Micheal isn’t that bad around the kids. He’s much better with them than I expected.
  • A child Michael would wear a suit.
  • Micheal’s answer was so sad and deflating. He’s always been lonely and friendless. It really does explain why he is the way he is.
  • Michael NO! Don’t use that username!!! He’s going to get flagged by authorities.
  • This episode had too many gems or jokes to keep track of! Amazing!

2×19 – Micheal’s Birthday

It is Michael’s birthday and he begins making special demands of everybody in the office, and he is met with a chilly reception. Unbeknown to him, Kevin is waiting to hear the results of a test to determine whether or not he has skin cancer. In an effort to help, Jim and Pam sneak out of the office to buy Kevin an assortment of goodies to try and make him feel better.

  • It’s Micheal’s birthday, this should bode well for him. I’m being sarcastic to be clear.
  • Micheal might as well accept Dwight’s excitement over his birthday. He’s the only one excited other than him.
  • Did Micheal just confuse James Dean for Luke Perry? How does he even know these people? He obviously knows nothing pop culture related.
  • Jan has learned from her mistake from the last time she was on camera.
  • Did Angela and Dwight have a fight or is this foreplay? You can’t really tell with those two.
  • Micheal is dictating over the donuts. This is officially the worse he has ever done.
  • Angela reassuring Kevin about something is a true surprise.
  • The donkey story! Michael’s childhood is painted in such a sad light.
  • Micheal’s head should’ve gone completely up the ceiling.
  • Ryan’s reaction to Angela and Dwight was one of his best so far.
  • And Micheal makes Kevin’s skin cancer all about him because he’s Micheal Scott.
  • Where and when did Micheal get a hockey costume?
  • Oh Micheal, you idiot! Negative is good health-wise.
  • It was a good day Pam because you spent it with Jim!

2×20 – Drug Testing

Dwight plays the role of Volunteer Sheriff after finding half a joint in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot leading to an investigation. Pam gives Jim a play challenge which he tries to complete.

  • This was the last episode of the season to be filmed, but not the last to air.
  • Michael has a bandage around his finger in this episode because Steve Carell hurt his finger during the week and was unable to remove his wedding ring due to the swelling. Instead of cutting off his ring, the crew simply wrapped a bandage around it.
  • Jim’s impression of Stanley in this episode was inspired by John Krasinski’s actual talent for doing impressions on the set.
  • Dwight as office cop is both terrifying and hilarious.
  • Dwight’s adjectives for Kevin mean and yet completely true.
  • I wonder who those four expectations are? I have a few theories.
  • Now Micheal on drugs is something I want to see before the series ends.
  • Loved to see Jim turning the tables on Dwight.
  • Micheal how old is he? He’s still suffering from peer pressure at his age? Unbelievable.
  • Dwight and Angela are so weird but in a good way. A way that I love.
  • I like that its canon that Jim is a good actor. That could be very useful.
  • WTF Dwight???? I feel like I could say that every episode, but especially in this one.
  • I’m convinced that Dwight would take a bullet for Michael at this point.
  • Ryan really hates this job, can’t say that I blame him.
  • Micheal has finally done something to piss Dwight off. I thought this day would never come.
  • And yet Dwight still loves so much to forget about it.
  • Hahaha, I never noticed the parallel between Jim’s relationship with Pam and Dwight’s relationship with Micheal. But it fits well.

2×21 – Conflict Resolution

When Michael takes over conflict resolution duties from HR, chaos ensues at Dunder Mifflin.

  • Pam is going to leave Roy before this wedding happens right?
  • I love how blind Dwight is to his behavior. It makes everything he does even funnier.
  • Hello, Pete from 30 Rock.
  • I’m not at all surprised that there’s a box just for complaints about Micheal and Jim from Dwight.
  • Michael is going to cause so much chaos by doing this.
  • I mean whoever (Jim probably) said that about Pam is right. No one is supposed to plan their wedding at their job.
  • Jeez, Dwight really blew up outta nowhere.
  • I don’t blame Dwight for being upset at Jim because that’s all a lot, but it is funny watching as a viewer. If I was an actual participant that would drive me crazy.
  • That picture must have cost so much money.
  • Poor Toby!

2×22 – Casino Night

The Dunder Mifflin crew holds a casino party at the warehouse and Michael has two dates.

  • Are we supposed to believe that somebody took Dwight’s grandpa’s suit off of him after he was buried and then gave it to Dwight?
  • Pam and Jim tricking Dwight will never get old. Dwight’s reactions are always fantastic.
  • Oof that Kobe joke is really dark. Oof…
  • Micheal’s talk to Toby is exactly what I would say to Micheal if he were a real person.
  • I don’t even want to know what joke Micheal tried to make about AIDS.
  • Daryl teaching Micheal phrases that aren’t real is a wonderful gag.
  • Kevin’s band surprisingly isn’t bad.
  • Pam being with Jim would take all the stress off your life. That’s what a partner should be for you.
  • And Micheal is going to make this something it’s not. Either of Jan or Carol is his dates.
  • Creed probably shouldn’t admit he likes stealing things on camera.
  • OH WAIT! I recognize those outfits on Pam and Jim. Those are the outfits they kiss in (for real) for the first time! They’re kissing in this episode. I thought that came much later in the show. Oh boy this is interesting.
  • Does Micheal Scott have a love triangle surrounding him? Micheal Scott, how does that happen?
  • Call me crazy but I think Jan may have some unresolved feelings for Micheal. Driving two hours for a casino game? Yeah no, she went for Micheal.
  • Jim is telling Pam the truth about his feelings!
  • Ah man, I really feel for Jim here. I’m glad he told Pam the truth even if she did let him down. She’ll come around when she isn’t in denial about her feelings for him.
  • Michael really is in a love triangle, I never would have seen that coming.
  • Pam is on the phone! Oh my, the kiss is about to happen!
  • There it is! I have seen the kiss before, but it was so much better with the added context.
  • I had thought that after this kiss that Pam and Jim officially became a couple, but I guess not.
  • If Jim is getting a new job away and Pam is still confused about her feelings then I guess they don’t become a couple for a little way longer.

This was an overall huge improvement over season one. That’s very obvious even by just the first episode of the season. Though I will say it took a few episodes for me to get really invested into the season. Episodes like The Dundies and The Fire were really great, but I think the show officially found it’s strive was with The Client. I think everything came together at that point. And by that point, I really began to enjoy the show. Every episode has at least a couple of hilarious gags and I am never watching any of them. The show really came together this season, excited to see more of its growth.

Pros: Great acting, better overall comedy, fast-paced, never boring.

Cons: A slow start, but eventually hit a great pace.

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