Popular Movies I Haven’t Seen Ranked By How Much I Want To Watch Them

We all have them. Whether they be critically acclaimed or big blockbusters we all have popular movies we just haven’t seen for whatever reason. I have an entire laundry list full of popular movies that either I get recommended or want to watch for my own personal taste. Here, I’ll be looking at some of them and ranking them by how much I want to watch them. This is all just a matter of preference and there’s a very good chance that I will (eventually) get to watch all of the movies I’ve listed. But there are some that I look forward to more than others.

30. Citizen Kane

As popular as Citizen Kane is, it is just as polarizing. I have heard as many good things about Citizen Kane as I had bad. I heard that it’s a classic piece of cinema and I have heard that it is a long and boring film. I am not very excited to learn which side of the fence I will fall on.

29. Scarface

I’ll probably end up enjoying Scarface when I finally watch it, but right now it kinda just scares me. A 170-minute gangster movie? That kinda terrifies me but in hindsight, I’ll probably really like it.

28. Carrie

Carrie is one of the movies on this list where I think I will like, but I’m worried because I’m already spoiled about a lot of things in the movie including the ending climax I won’t enjoy Carrie as much as I would have if I wasn’t spoiled.

27. The Exorcist

The Exorcist just like Carrie I have been spoiled about a lot of the film. I love horror movies, but a lot of a horror movie’s enjoyment comes from the thrills of watching for the first time not knowing what is going to happen.

26. Casablanca

I’m getting more and more into older movies that are considered to be classics, but there’s a lot of hype surrounding that I’m afraid it won’t live up to it. Time will tell.

25. Incredibles 2

I love The Incredibles. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time. I was so excited about it finally had a sequel. But the reviews it got kinda turned me off from watching it. I’m still looking forward to seeing it, but my expectations have lower quite a bit.

24. Signin’ In The Rain

I have no clue what Signin’ In The Rain plot even is. All I know about it is the classic dancing in the rain scene and for that only I should probably watch sooner this rather than later.

23. Brief Encounter

I also don’t know much about Brief Encounter, but the little I know about it makes it seem like a movie I would quite like.

22. Fight Club

Yet another classic movie I have been spoiled about. If I didn’t already know about the twist I would probably have been Fight Club higher on the list but alas, I do know the twist. And that, unfortunately, makes me a little less excited to see it.

21. Vertigo

This is one of the few Hitchcock movies I don’t know much of anything about other than people really love this one. So though I don’t know what to expect my expectations are still high for this one.

20. Rebecca

The synopsis of Rebecca is what really intrigues me about the movie. I usually enjoy psychological thrillers I doubt Rebecca will be any different.

19. Double Indemnity

I have currently only seen one Billy Wilder movie, The Apartment. But, I have a feeling he’s going to become a favorite director of mines. Double Indemnity is his first movie to appear on this list, but won’t be the last.

18. The Prestige

The Prestige is unique to this list because the reason I’m excited to watch it is that I know it has a mindblowing twist, but I have no clue what that twist is. I have never been spoiled about whatever twist happens in this movie. All I know that there’s one and I should watch The Prestige before it’s spoiled for me.

17. Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard would be much higher on this list, but I have once again been spoiled about the ending of the film. I’m still looking forward to finally watching it.

16. Good Will Hunting

I confused this with Dead Poet’s Society (another popular movie I should watch) for years. I had mashed the two films up. I had thought Matt Damon and Ben Affleck was apart of the students in Dead Poet’s Society. Not the case. I only realized they are in fact two different movies while making this list. I found that amusing thought I should share. Anyhow, I should watch both for Robin Williams. Enough said.

15. The Shining

I love horror movies so it’s often surprising that I haven’t seen one of the most popular horror movies of all time. Last year I read The Shining so now I feel like I am able to watch the movie now. And I will sometime in winter probably.

14. The Matrix

It is, in fact, an accomplishment that I haven’t seen The Matrix. I know I need to just to understand the importance of it to pop culture and it’s impact on the action genre.

13. Eyes Wide Shut

Everyone I know raves about Eyes Wide Shut which just makes me want to understand what the hype is all about more.

12. The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski just seems like a movie I would love especially since I already love comedies. I know the basic premise of The Big Lebowski and that alone makes the movie out to be a hilarious watch.

11. The Graduate

The little I have already seen of The Graduate I have really liked. I’m not sure how the entire film will hold up to today, but either way, it should make an entertaining watch.

10. Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive will be my David Lynch film and to say I’m a little worried is an understatement. By all accounts, his movies are confusing and I will not be smart enough to make sense out of any them. But I’m cautiously optimistic about this Mulholland Drive, this just seems like a movie I would enjoy.

9. Some Like It Hot

With a cast that is lead by Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and is directed by Billy Wilder. This sounds like a recipe for a movie I would adore.

8. The Silence of the Lambs

Basically, I need to watch this entire franchise. It’s a mainstay of pop culture and I will probably love it. I need to watch Manhunter before I check out The Silence of the Lambs, but I look forward to finally beginning this franchise.

7. The Departed

I have now seen Goodfellas, Casino, Taxi Driver, The King of Comedy, and Shutter Island. And yet I could totally see The Departed becoming my favorite of all the Scorsese films I just mentioned. Everything about this movie screams that I would love it. The plot, the cast, the director. I will probably love this.

6. Chicago

A musical about women killing men with Renée Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones? This sounds like it was made for me. I hope it lives up to the expectations I have set for it.

5. Parasite

NO SPOILERS!!!!! Since this movie came out I have been avoiding finding out anything about this movie because people told me to go into blind. I have mostly succeeded in doing that. I want to go into Parasite as fresh as possible.

4. The Dark Knight

In order to watch I need to actually begin the entire franchise by watching Batman Begins, but it’s happening soon. I will be sitting down and watching this complete trilogy very soon.

3. 12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men is yet another movie that screams I would love it. It such an influential film and I have never heard anyone dare say anything negative about 12 Angry Men. It’s a universal classic I guarantee I will love.

2. American Psycho

The very little of American Psycho I have seen infers that this is the movie for me. I love character-driven stories especially that dive into exploring the mindset of a monster. Combine that with an iconic performance by Christian Bale makes this such a must-watch for me.

1. Zodiac

David Fincher is one of my favorite directors. His films with his name alone attached to it make it must watch for me. But Zodiac also has the amazing cast of Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr, Chloë Sevigny, the list goes on. There’s no way I won’t love this movie. With David Fincher behind the camera, that cast in front of it, and the plot investigating the Zodiac Killer. How haven’t I seen this already?

Any movie you think I should move up the list? Comment down below.


5 responses to “Popular Movies I Haven’t Seen Ranked By How Much I Want To Watch Them”

  1. I avoid musicals, but I’ve seen most of the rest of the movies on your list. Some are great. Some are overrated. I’m not going to say which I think are which, but I’d love to hear your opinion of each after you watch them.

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  2. I need to make a list like this–I too have many films I want to watch “sometime” and should probably be more intentional about. I’ve watched 11 on this list, and liked them to varying degrees, so I hope you enjoy them too!

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