Music Stats For August 2020

Taylor Swift was right August did slip away like a bottle of wine. But while it was here I managed to listen to a quite of bit of music.

Top Artists

1. Taylor Swift (107 plays)

2. The Aces (57 plays)

3. Dua Lipa (54 plays)

4. Carly Rae Jepsen (49 plays)

5. Tove Lo (37 plays)

Top Albums

1. Folklore – Taylor Swift (82 plays)

2. Under My Influence – The Aces (49 plays)

3. Future Nostalgia – Dua Lipa (40 plays)

4. Songs For You – Tinashe (26 plays)

5. Ungodly Hour – Chloe x Halle (22 plays)

Top Songs

1. Cardigan – Taylor Swift (14 plays)

2. Invisible String – Taylor Swift (12 plays)

3. Daydream – The Aces (12 plays)

4. I Finally Understand – Charli XCX (11 plays)

5. Cool – Dua Lipa (9 plays)

Things Not Mentioned

I’m in love with the new music video that Little Mix has released for their song Holiday. It has to be one of my favorite quartine music videos released yet.


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