Season In Review: Prison Break (S1)

1×01 – Pilot

Michael Scofield is imprisoned in Fox River State Penitentiary. He finds his brother, Lincoln Burrows, who is a death row prisoner, and tells him that he is going to break them both out of the prison.

  • I already know he gets the whole blueprint tattooed on himself, but why would any tattoo artist decide to put that entire tattoo on him?
  • I wonder what horrible crime he’s going to do to be thrown in the same jail as his brother. Oh, wait nevermind it’s a bank robbery.
  • Can’t they tell he wants to go to jail? It feels pretty obvious. You can see the smile forming on his face, this is exactly what he wanted.
  • This whole plan is just insane. I wonder how many people have tried to do something similar because of this show.
  • The prison cop is going to be a threat to his plans going forward.
  • There’s already a stabbing, record timing probably.
  • This has to be the most chaotic first ten minutes of a TV show ever.
  • No idea why they’re calling Michael fish, but I’m just going to go with the fact that Wentworth Miller appeared in an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer named Go Fish (2×20)
  • How do you just get tied into a murder involving the Vice President’s brother?
  • Did he not tell his brother what he was planning?
  • Micheal designed the prison? How convenient.
  • How was Westmoreland able to bring a cat with him into jail?
  • Yeah D.B. Cooper just didn’t seem like the type of person to care for a cat as this man does.
  • These whips have to be extra painful because of Michael’s fresh tattoos.
  • Veronica has to know something shady is going on now that a bishop was murdered.
  • I need to know more about how Lincoln screwed up his relationship with his son. Maybe with his relationship with Veronica?
  • Micheal, why are you getting some medicine you don’t even need? This has to be apart of his plan somehow.
  • Oh, it cannot be just because he likes his doctor, that would be just stupid and the one thing I know for sure thus far is that Michael is not stupid. That has to be just a cover.
  • Finally, the brothers are having a conversation that isn’t going to be broken up after a few seconds.
  • Micheal has created the ultimate master-plan here. He is the blueprints. I have seen this reveal before in a YouTube video but it’s even better with all the added context.
  • Well, of course, he had to make it somewhat difficult to read, otherwise whenever he took his shirt off people would’ve become suspicious.
  • A fantastic first episode, excited to watch more.

1×02 – Allen

Trouble is inevitable in the prison, with a race riot imminent. Michael has problems retrieving a screw from the bleachers. Veronica receives a security tape that shows Lincoln shooting Terrence Steadman.

  • Of course, there’s tension between the races. It’s a prison and it always seems to be that way in crime shows, doesn’t it?
  • The tattoo at the end of the intro reminds me of the Sons of Anarchy intro for some reason.
  • This whole plan seriously relies on pills.
  • Marti Noxon of Buffy fame is apart of the team of the show.
  • Yeah no offense, but T-Bag does look like he could be a rapist.
  • I’m glad we’re getting flashbacks of the brothers it would have gotten repetitive just seeing the boys interacted with only each other and the other inmates.
  • Ugh, this T-bag keeps getting in the way. So frustrating. That’s the point, but still.
  • Can someone just take out this cop, please? That would be great, thank you.
  • Micheal is going to get himself hurt trying to take back that screw from T-bag.
  • Okay that evidence is pretty bad, but we don’t see if Lincoln’s bullet actually killed him, or maybe that’s not even the Vice President’s brother in the car.
  • Okay someone beat Lincoln to shooting the dude. Someone planned Lincoln to be there so he could take the fall.
  • Veronica, you know in your heart that this is not the truth. You just want to believe it so you can move on with your life.
  • The government trying to keep their dirty work hidden which is they’re tracking all these people from the case.
  • Is he using a screw to create a hole? That’s going to take forever which Lincoln doesn’t have.
  • This is a coverup, especially with them trying to cover their tracks.
  • Okay, who is this blonde woman that’s apart of this coverup? I feel like she will be important.
  • I don’t want this lock-down to end for Michael’s sake.
  • Wait, Micheal isn’t creating a hole, he just needed to sharpen the screw.
  • Micheal really can’t hide his emotions well. It’s pretty obvious he’s happy and relieved at the news.
  • Seriously what’s with this fish nickname? Is it a play on fresh meat nickname?
  • Another cliffhanger, just great…

1×03 Cell Test

Two steps forward and one step back. Michael gets Abruzzi on his side and proves Sucre’s trustworthiness, but then loses a valuable piece of his plan.

  • The fallout from the last episode for Michael was bad, but honestly, it could have been much worse.
  • Every time Michael feels like he is getting somewhere, he gets taken back by another obstacle.
  • I guess if breaking out of prison was without its obstacles everyone in prison would do it.
  • Michael and Sarah already have a bond and connection which isn’t that surprising from Micheal’s side. Sarah is nice and gorgeous, but the bond is also from her side as well even if she doesn’t want to admit it.
  • I’m glad that Michael and Lincoln are giving Sucre a chance to prove whether he is trustworthy or not.
  • Sucre has been a likable character, so it’s nice to have confirmation that he is someone that the boys can trust.
  • I understand why Sucre doesn’t want in on Michael’s plan, but he’s going to eventually join in on the plan. It is only a matter of time.
  • I knew Veronica’s engagement wasn’t going to last long. She still cares for Lincoln and is going to do whatever she can to get him off death row. Her engagement wasn’t going to survive that.
  • I’m glad Lincoln’s son was able to have a bonding moment with his dad and if his uncle Michael completes his plan, he’ll have many more bonding moments with his dad to come.

1×04 – Cute Poison

Michael gets more of the tools and people he needs, but someone very high up has taken notice and started wondering what he’s up to.

  • If Haywire wasn’t already a problem for Micheal, I’m foreseeing him becoming one now.
  • Michael needs to take care of Haywire immediately. That would be one less thing standing in his way of escape.
  • At least Michael is slowly getting all the items he needs to fulfill his plans. Even though some obstacles keep getting in his way, it’s nice to see some things going his way.
  • It’s not a surprise that Veronica isn’t receiving much help on Lincoln’s case. There’s a reason why Michael created his plan. It was a last resort option to save Lincoln.
  • Speaking of Veronica, I’m glad she is completely on Lincoln’s defense and is fighting to save him. I was worried at first that it would take a while for her to fully get on board, but it was rather fast.
  • Much of the show is moving fast. I have only seen four episodes thus far, but some storylines are moving quicker than I was expecting especially since there are 22 episodes in this one season.
  • Yes, Michael was able to get rid of Haywire. Haywire would have blown up all his work. He had to do what needed to be done.
  • I knew Surce would come around on the plan. There wasn’t any way he wouldn’t be in it.
  • I spoke about how Sarah and Michael already formed a bond, but it’s clear with Surce and Michael’s reunion they also have a sweet bond already.
  • A satisfying conclusion to see some of Micheal’s work starting to pay off.

1×05 – English, Fitz, or Percy

Michael gains a necessary piece of information to effect his escape, but can he keep the Warden from kicking him out?

  • In each episode, the conspiracy against Michael and Lincoln seems to be growing.
  • Prison Break makes a great case for not trusting your government with how corrupt just the secret service is.
  • I figured that Micheal would be moved to another prison. Seems like an easy way to add yet another obstacle between Micheal and Lincoln.
  • The show keeps throwing something new at Micheal, but by now I never doubt he won’t find a way to get himself out of it somehow. I don’t know if that’s repetitive or if Micheal just that strong of enough character that I just expect that of him. Something to think about over as the show moves forward.
  • The conspiracy is starting to reach Veronica and now Nick is with them discovering that incriminating surveillance footage being forged. That’s also not a surprise, but it’s encouraging that there are people on the outside who believe in the conspiracy against Lincoln.
  • I’m glad Pope stepped up in the end and didn’t let the secret service agents use him as a puppet, shows he has a moral code.

1×06 – Riots, Drills, and the Devil: Part 1

Michael’s idea to get more drilling time by provoking a lock-down backfires horribly.

  • The secret service agents are so outright corrupt now, it’s not even funny.
  • I doubt Nick had anything to do with the tape going missing, but I don’t blame Veronica for feeling paranoid.
  • This lockdown will not end well judging from the fact this is a two-parter.
  • Michael believes in global warming. I knew liked him for a reason.
  • T-Bag is legitimately the only character on this show that frightens me.
  • Did the cop who threw water at T-Bag not think that wouldn’t escalate the situation?
  • At least Michael is getting what he needed to be done.
  • Once again what is it with the cops antagonizing T-Bag? Not a smart idea.
  • What are the patients’ plan here? Hurt Sarah and what exactly? Is this just a way to get drugs?
  • Lincoln held up his own, but he wasn’t going to hold off that many people.
  • What a coincidence, of all the cells T-Bag could have gone into, he went into Michael’s.
  • Ugh, T-Bag knows about their plan to break out now.
  • Sarah is holding her own and keeping sane better than I thought she would.
  • Michael would never go for a plan that involves killing a cop.

1×07 – Riots, Drills, and the Devil: Part 2

Michael saves Dr. Tancredi from the rioting prisoners, but Lincoln and Veronica are in need of their own rescue.

  • Has anything these cops have done so far been by the book?
  • I’m going to believe Lincoln falling for a trap this easily is a result of him getting knocked out in the last episode.
  • How did they start a fire?
  • T-Bag is genuinely so creepy and terrifying.
  • Give a girl a warning next time Micheal before you try to grab at her.
  • LJ’s stepfather is uncomfortable with talking about Lincoln being in prison? What does that even mean?
  • Michael is very much acting like Spiderman climbing from pipe to pipe. I say that as a compliment.
  • Michael trying to calm down Sarah was very sweet.
  • Don’t cross a doctor that treats you, they know where your weak spots are.
  • The phone call is coming from one of the secret service agents.
  • Seeing Lincoln and Michael hug was probably as heartwarming as this show gets if I ought to guess.
  • T-Bag finds a way to become scarier and scarier with every episode.
  • Sarah found Michael in a lie. Not good.

1×08 – The Old Head

Veronica, Nick and LJ must go into hiding, while Bellick unwittingly provides Westmoreland’s motivation to aid the escape.

  • This introduction into the episode feels like an introduction to viewers that aren’t caught up to speed on the show yet.
  • Gosh, Michael has only been in prison for 3 weeks?!
  • I’m glad John is asking these questions because I have had the same ones.
  • I knew something was probably coming, but I was not expecting an explosion to happen in Veronica’s home.
  • This conspiracy runs deep if they plan on killing LJ someone who knows nothing about it.
  • I do feel some sympathy for LJ’s mom. She wasn’t great but deserved a better death than that.
  • Getting a quick peek at Micheal’s files, I’m going to predict that their father will pop up eventually.
  • Sarah is very smart, she is connecting dots about Michael that even the judge didn’t aka like none of Michael’s actions match his MO.
  • They killed Westmoreland’s cat, the bastards!
  • Now that we’re inching closer to the breakout, things are beginning to feel very Ocean 11.
  • LJ is pretty smart taking a photo, though a video would have been better.
  • I can’t believe it took 15 years for us to actually have a real Madame Vice President when Prison Break been already done it.

1×09 – Tweener

With Abruzzi becoming more desperate to regain authority within the prison, it seems that Fibonacci’s number is up.

  • I think Lincoln’s son being a suspect in a double murder should count as a family emergency.
  • Michael and the boys aren’t being that discrete trying to cover up dropping pieces of the cement. It’s obvious they are up to something.
  • There’s going to be quite a large amount of cement in the prison courtyard.
  • Michael is no longer fresh meat.
  • I knew someone would find a piece of cement.
  • Oh my God! I did not see that coming. The signs were there, but I didn’t think about that happening.
  • Michael is going to blame himself for his suicide.
  • This is not going to end well for John.
  • Of course, this is the reason the boys get kicked out of the room.
  • Act your race is a new piece of advice I never expected to ever hear.
  • LJ should might as well steal some shoes.
  • How do these two secret service agents keep getting outsmarted by a teenager?
  • That makes sense as to why Michael can see his tattoo as the blueprint of the prison.
  • So Micheal is a genius and an empath. Leave something for the rest of us, buddy.
  • A broken piece of the lamp into the eye is gruesome.
  • Sarah doesn’t believe that lie Michael told her because if it were true Michael wouldn’t have helped Sarah escape the inmates a few episodes ago.
  • The secret service agents were outsmarted yet again by a teenager.
  • I figured Veronica would catch onto LJ bring tracked.
  • A nice encrypted message.
  • Jesus, Michael. I wasn’t expecting him to do that to T-Bag, but it was definitely needed.
  • Nice to see Micheal get the upper hand in this dance between him and T-Bag.
  • Not sure how Micheal gets his crew back into the break room though.

1×10 – Sleight of Hand

Michael hands over an address to Falzone, allowing work to resume on the tunnel. Meanwhile, the VP enlists the help of a dangerous specialist.

  • The moral dilemmas this show proposes are wonderfully complex.
  • Someone finally found the hole. I can’t believe it took that long for someone in the break room to find it.
  • The woman playing Michael’s friend is Holly Valance. I have her song Kiss Kiss saved onto my Spotify.
  • I trust Michael to have a plan. He is not going to let an innocent person get killed.
  • Poor Veronica’s ex-fiancee, he never stood a chance.
  • Veronica should have known better not to reply to her ex after LJ’s phone getting tapped by the secret service agents
  • This one secret service agent is already better competent than the last two bozos.
  • Michael got Sarah to smile even with her she not wanting to.
  • Along with being a genius and empath, Micheal is a good actor as well.
  • Great, another guy added to the team.

1×11 – And Then There Were 7

Michael gets a visit from his wife, while Veronica and Nick get a visit from Quinn.

  • The flirting between Micheal and Sarah is getting insane but in a good way. It’s just so overt now.
  • Ah, so his friend from the last episode is actually his wife. My bad.
  • I assuming their marriage isn’t a real marriage maybe like a green card marriage or something along the lines of that.
  • Micheal created this entire plan and has gotten you losers this far, he doesn’t have to do any more of the hard-hitting work anymore if he doesn’t want to.
  • The agent would have gotten in no matter what, but they should have never let him in.
  • Micheal’s marriage is all apart of his grand plan.
  • Are all the prison inmates good actors or what? That kid was faking a pretty good seizure.
  • Hell yeah, Veronica! She got him at the perfect moment.
  • I’m glad Surce stood up to T-Bag. It was well overdue.
  • And hell yeah LJ! LJ, Veronica, and Nick are becoming quite a little dream team.
  • I hate Bellick. He’s almost as bad as T-Bag.
  • I knew they would leave Quinn down in the well considering how he threatened them the last time they saw each other.
  • There’s going to an odd man out. But who is the question?

1×12 – Odd Man Out

C-Note overhears Michael and Lincoln discussing that there are too many fugitives for available time and they share the information with the group telling that one shall be left behind. 

  • Something tells me Micheal didn’t think he would have been in prison five years ago.
  • Yeah, I personally would like to cut T-Bag.
  • God, I hate T-Bag!!
  • Surce is not an odd man out. He and Micheal have a bond unlike with some of the other guys apart of the group.
  • I do not envy Veronica trying to get a bullet out of Nick.
  • I honestly don’t know who I hate more sometimes, T-Bag or Bellick.
  • Sucre is having a child, another reason why he is not going to be the odd man out.
  • I have no clue what Micheal is doing, but if he’s happy then it must be a good thing.
  • It’s a good thing this plan is becoming to fruition because more people are getting suspicious.
  • Of course, Bellick is the type of guy who eats with his mouth open and talks while eating.
  • Seeing Micheal swimming and executing his plan just had me in awe. Completely speechless. That was just an incredible sequence.
  • I highly doubt T-Bag’s word is any good. I would not trust it.
  • Welp. I guess T-Bag just explained who the odd man out is.
  • Lincoln couldn’t have thought of anything else to do?! Beg for a favor or something!
  • One last obstacle huh? Of course, I would not expect anything less.

1×13 – End of the Tunnel

The escape is about to go through when the team hits a stainless steel snag, while Veronica is just a moment too late to get all the information she needs to prove Lincoln’s innocence.

  • I know Michael will figure all this out, but I just don’t know how he will.
  • If this was a Netflix series and if it wasn’t made in 2004 this would be the season finale.
  • C-Note’s family doesn’t know he’s in prison? That’s wild.
  • Micheal WTF?
  • He had something surgically implanted into him! Imagine loving your brother that much, I can’t relate.
  • Did the note say “eat 810”
  • Wow, Micheal really got the guards to eat out of his hands.
  • I hope Veronica didn’t just jump the gun there. They will be looking for a mole now.
  • What exactly did Micheal give Lincoln and how did he get it?
  • The Vice President’s brother is still alive? How the hell did they pull that one off?
  • I can’t say I didn’t see that coming. Danny seems like he was always going to end like this, dead killed by his panther.
  • There have to be some of the tensest minutes of the entire show.
  • What?! Micheal admitting defeat, say it ain’t so.

1×14 – The Rat

With the pipe to the infirmary replaced and Lincoln’s life hanging in the balance, Michael must rethink his plan to escape and save his brother’s life. A fellow inmate may hold the key to preventing Lincoln’s execution.

  • Micheal looks so defeated like he’s on the verge of a panic attack or something.
  • There’s no way they all are going to make it down the rope before the guards come back.
  • Jesus, that way too close.
  • It’s only been 10 minutes, but it’s has had the most too close for comfort moments thus far.
  • It’s so strange seeing Micheal desperate and helpless.
  • I hate Bellick! I despise him so much.
  • Every route to save Lincoln is turning up to be dead ends.
  • Micheal is running out of ways to save Lincoln from death row.
  • Micheal can’t give up. It’s not apart of who he is.
  • Oh my god, Sarah! Yes!!!
  • Micheal letting Lincoln win cards were the first moment between them that actually felt like brothers doing regular brother things.
  • LJ is right, this isn’t the end, just not in the way he thinks.
  • Come on governor! Pull through!
  • Are you kidding me! Then why the hell did he call the prison if he wasn’t stopping the execution?!
  • I can see why Sarah hates her dad now.
  • I don’t know how, but Lincoln is getting saved.

1×15 – By the Skin and the Teeth

Michael’s plan to escape has failed. While Lincoln is strapped to the electric chair, he sees an oddly familiar face in the crowd. Is there one last hope to save Lincoln’s life, or has his journey reached an end?

  • Come on, last-minute save!
  • What the hell is going on?!
  • What new evidence and where did this new evidence come from?
  • What?! That was their dad???
  • I figured their dad would show up eventually, but not this soon.
  • Hell yeah! Hopefully, it’s not his body if Danny was telling the truth.
  • At least Michael starting to create plans again. It was so weird to see him helpless.
  • This show is the definition of close calls.
  • Sure, Lincoln may have PTSD or his father was actually there.
  • Lincoln’s dad is the one who sent in evidence to the judge.
  • Prisons being cheap? What’s new?
  • Michael dressed as a guard is all different types of unusual and bizarre.
  • Either that really is Terrance or there is another conspiracy at play here.
  • Yet another too close to call moment for Micheal.
  • Oh my God, Michael’s flesh is burning, I screamed in agony for him.
  • The shirt is melted into his skin, oh gross.
  • I had to turn away from the screen when Surce ripped off the shirt. That’s was too graphic to watch for me.
  • I must say I liked Michael’s beard.
  • Geez, I didn’t even think about the tattoo of the blueprints on Michael’s back.

1×16 – Brother’s Keeper

Flashbacks provide exposition on how the inmates arrived at Fox River Penitentiary from The Company’s framing of Lincoln to the creation of Michael’s plan to save his brother’s life.

  • Ooh, flashbacks.
  • I see now that the brothers weren’t as close as they appeared to be in the years leading up to Lincoln being arrested.
  • I guess the same goes for Veronica as well.
  • Someone was following Lincoln to at least 3 years ago.
  • Ah, of course, seeds were planted for a sibling love triangle.
  • Why didn’t Lincoln wear a ski mask when he went to shoot Terrance? He made it easier for himself to get set up, by not masking his identity.
  • Also, he could have still called the police! He would have to explain why he had a gun and would of probably still be arrested, but there would have been some wiggle room to help himself more than running away.
  • Jesus, this conspiracy came more than 3 years ago. It was only 3 years when it came to fruition.
  • Surce! What a coincidence!
  • I think this is entirely a flashback episode and I’m happy with that.
  • I wouldn’t have guessed Sarah was a recovering drug addict.
  • I like that even though we are 16 episodes into the season I’m still learning something new about each character there still a new layer to be uncovered for each of them.
  • So C-Note was in the army.
  • And Michael blames himself, a recurring situation he is often put in.
  • If I had to guess Sarah’s partner passes away from some type of drug incident and that sobers her up and get the job at the prison.
  • Or not being able to save that kid might have done the trick.
  • I love that’s where the origami crane comes from.
  • Michael is like, “Fox River? I designed it.”
  • The visual reaction I had when I saw it was T-Bag can only be described as horrific disgust.
  • Sarah and Bellick met in an AA meeting. Interesting.
  • Oh God, Bellick is hitting on her. He seems like the guy who would hit on anything that would move.
  • This has to be the biggest leap of faith yet. Of course, the channel is on Fox. Of course, they are airing America Most Wanted right then. Of course, the mother looks at the television when they show a photo of T-Bag. Too many coincidences taking place for me to believe that one.
  • I am moving if I was Susan.
  • Unless they killed Terrance recently, that body in the ground isn’t him.
  • I love a good flashback episode and that was it.

1×17 – J-Cat

Having burned his shoulder, Michael’s tattoo that showed the path through psych ward is now incomplete. With another inmate intimidated into snitching about the escape plans, Michael Scofield must use his wits to find a new way out of Fox River.

  • As smart as Michael is, I think it’s believable that he wouldn’t remember the layout completely.
  • I’m really loving this stubble on Michael. That’s all.
  • Ugh, Tweener…another wrench thrown into Michael’s plans.
  • I knew it! That guy who delivered the papers was Lincoln and Michael’s dad.
  • Smart thinking by Nick, I didn’t think about going back and seeing if there was anything left on Quinn’s body.
  • He craved their names as a last fuck you to the agents.
  • Honestly, I would have said Bellick but that’s because I hate him. Michael is more honorable than me.
  • At least the boys can talk to each other.
  • Tonight on Prison Break, we have Surce playing the role of Michael Scofield.
  • That was a nice sweater, Michael.
  • I agree with Nick, best to leave Quinn there.
  • It’s sad to see Michael so unsure of himself.
  • Damn, Surce was so close.
  • Ah, Sucre that was smart thinking, thinking ahead like that.
  • With Sucre, Michael, and Lincoln it’s a party in solitary.
  • Did Michael try to draw a map with his blood?
  • Is Michael in a comatose state?
  • Oh nevermind he’s doing this on purpose, isn’t he?
  • Why didn’t LJ tell Veronica and Nick about the names he saw? Is he planning on killing Owen on his own?
  • That went as well as I thought it would for LJ.
  • Haywire! Michael hoping he remembers the maze on his back. Smart.

1×18 – Bluff

Improvising a new plan, Michael seeks out an acquaintance who may hold the key to his escape plan. In gen pop, the other members of the P.I. crew learn that the guards are auctioning Michael’s cell to the highest bidder. Lincoln and Sucre devise a scheme to get Michael returned to gen pop. Veronica informs Lincoln that L.J will be tried for his mother’s murder, and Lincoln desires to see his son.

  • No! The guards are going to get rid of Michael’s cell.
  • Come on, T-Bag. Work your magic.
  • Three generations of Scofield’s in jail. The irony.
  • Michael’s crew is falling apart. Psych ward, solitary, and getting in brawls.
  • I am not jumping to conclusions about what this deal Nick has that includes keeping an eye on Veronica. I’m just curious to see what it is.
  • Michael got to include the guy into the plans. It’s only fair.
  • I have no clue how gambling works, but the tension is real.
  • This small team of inmates breaking out is becoming larger and larger.
  • I still would have sold out Bellick, but Geary works too.
  • It’s always nice to see Pope berate the guards. Them getting a taste of their own medicine.
  • Oh shit!
  • They had to be someone the Vice President hired to kill Lincoln. The only reason his petition went through.

1×19 – The Key

Sucre leaves the solitary confinement and Michael tells to his partners that he has completed the map, but he needs the key of the infirmary. Abruzzi is back to Fox River, apparently converted in a religious man. 

  • The guy who saved Lincoln, has to be his dad right?
  • Great, the crew is back together again.
  • John is back!
  • T-Bag’s reaction to John coming back was priceless. The biggest laugh I have had watching this show.
  • T-Bag is nervous and has every right to be.
  • Owen or Paul, whatever his name is, is an idiot.
  • Well, this isn’t how I expected Sarah and Michael’s first kiss to happen, but I’m not surprised he kissed her for the plan.
  • I would wait five years for Michael, but I know him better than Sarah does.
  • Just have T-Bag kill Avocado.
  • I was right! It is their dad.
  • What’s the plan with Terrance? He stays in hiding forever while everyone thinks he’s dead?
  • The tension is palpable between T-Bag and John.
  • Michael saved Nika from sex trafficking because he really is a saint.
  • I can’t believe all of this started because their father was the leak. Feels like a butterfly effect situation.
  • Nika got Sarah’s keys! Woohoo! Michael married a smart woman.
  • And Lincoln is right back where he started just more bruised.
  • Sarah knows something’s up.
  • Oh shit, John and Nick are working together.
  • Oh shit, Sarah knows she was played and now she has turned the tables on Michael.
  • What is happening! This plan is going to hell! Ah!

1×20 – Tonight

Westmoreland uses Bellick to plug a hole in the escape plan, which forces Michael to move up the breakout timetable. A fearful Tweener pledges his loyalty to Michael and in return may get out of jail for free; Michael feels that he has no choice but to involve Sara in the plan and must betray his father figure; and Veronica finds her life in jeopardy from her closest ally, who has a surprising connection to a Fox River inmate.

  • Oh shit!
  • A banger opening, I must say.
  • This is really the episode! The prison break is happening in this episode.
  • Westmoreland just threw Bellick into the pipes. Beautiful!
  • I’m so excited to see this episode unfold.
  • How will Michael get the keys to the infirmary? A kiss won’t work this time.
  • They have an hour to break out of the prison!
  • Nice to see Bellick getting a taste of his own medicine.
  • Micheal is taking a risk by telling Sarah he’s breaking Lincoln out.
  • Micheal is asking a hell of a lot of Sarah.
  • Only 3 seats on the plane? John is going to have a battle royale with all of these guys.
  • This episode is loaded with tension. An insane amount.
  • It’s almost like Pope knows.
  • This cannot be happening again. Lincoln has to go with Michael. That’s the whole reason the plan was formed in the first place.
  • Well, it’s a good thing Sarah heard that news announcement.
  • Of course, the model breaks!
  • Oh my God, Bellick is a step closer to getting out of the hole.
  • Sarah’s father is a jerk.
  • I am tense as hell and on the edge of my seat on everything.
  • This montage depicting each guy and their reasoning for wanting to break out is heart-wrenching.
  • F*ck. I can’t imagine waiting a week for the next episode.

1×21 – Go

The team start the escape from the hole in Scofield’s cell.

  • That was a bold move by Michael, let’s see if it pays off.
  • You can tell how bad Michael feels about having to do this to Pope, but he has to save his brother.
  • I’m just as nervous as everyone in the crew.
  • Okay maybe not as nervous as Surce, but still pretty darn nervous.
  • And we’re off to the races.
  • Some deal to make with John, Nick! Veronica’s life for your father’s!
  • The plan is officially in motion!
  • Ugh, Bellick! Always getting in the way.
  • Bellick should consider himself lucky that nobody killed him because they had every chance to.
  • I agree with Samantha, the Vice President will not go quietly.
  • Smart thinking setting off the fire alarm for the Psych ward.
  • Poor Psych ward guard. Casualties of war.
  • I wonder what made Nick change his mind? Veronica or something else?
  • Who’s vision from afar are we seeing? Haywire’s?
  • An actually smart prison guard. Don’t lose your life over your job.
  • At least Nick died kinda a hero.
  • Don’t feel bad, Sarah you did the right thing.
  • Oh shit, it is Haywire!
  • This is insane!
  • Oh, Westmoreland…I figure this would happen, but it doesn’t hurt any less.
  • 5 million dollars? Geez…
  • I knew there was no way he was going to be able to make it across.
  • What an ending, but we still have one episode to go!

1×22 – Flight

As the escape continues, lives are lost and Pope and Bellick do everything in their power to capture the convicts.

  • I don’t blame him for naming, but at least name T-Bag and John first. The worst of the worst.
  • I know Pope is a little impressed, they got over the wall.
  • You gotta love to see the other inmates celebrating the escaped inmates’ success.
  • Good luck with that Bellick, good luck with that.
  • Oh Veronica, Nick is long gone.
  • Ugh, his bloody handprint! They’re going to find his scent.
  • Oh, they’re leaving Haywire. Michael did delivered his favor.
  • It’s infuriating, how far ahead and quick on his feet, T-Bag thinks.
  • They should dump the car!
  • I was going to say I thought Michael let Tweeter stay along longer than he needed to.
  • If something happens to that little girl because of Haywire, Michael will forever feel guilty about it.
  • They need to figure out a way to get away fast.
  • Okay, good Haywire didn’t hurt the girl.
  • Veronica, be careful.
  • Oh shit, she drunk the water. She going to die on camera in a room full of people.
  • Well fuck, John! That was one way of getting the handcuff off.
  • Then there were five.
  • The drink was for the President, not the VP.
  • Jesus, Sarah…no way she’s dead though right?
  • Veronica cracked the case! She’s found, Terrance.
  • Run like you never ran before boys.

I had heard wonderful things about the first season of Prison Break for a long time. So many people had hyped it up for me so needless to say, I had high expectations for Prison Break. I am so happy to report not only did they meet my expectations, they surpassed them. Prison Break deserves all the hype it gets for how exceptional their first season was. I am aware that many people feel the show never lives up to how good the first season is, but I am attached to the characters now and I want to see where they all end up. I am on the ride for the rest of series even if it peaks in its first season. My favorite character for season is of course Micheal. He is the heart and soul of the show. It’s hard not to feel connected to him. I think he will be my favorite character for every season, unless another character steps up. My favorite episode was hard to narrow down, but I have to choose 1×21 – Go. The whole season was building to the climax that happens in this episode and it was as satisfyingly as one would hope it would be.

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