Season in Review: Dexter (S2)

2×01 – It’s Alive

In the Season Two premiere, Dexter finds himself unable to kill again after the harrowing conclusion to the Ice Truck Killer case, and strays from his personal code with disastrous results; Debra returns to work but may not be ready.

  • What a long recap that I didn’t really need.
  • The intro doesn’t get old no matter how many times I see it.
  • Doakes still suspicious of Dexter as he should be.
  • Not a surprise Dexter is good at bowling.
  • Dexter is as tense as I could imagine him with him not killing anyone in a while.
  • The next victim is a blind man? Seriously Dex?
  • Is Dexter getting performance anxiety? He couldn’t kill his victim.
  • Dexter really is a psychopath. No one likes donuts without frosting.
  • Dexter with performance anxiety again just in a different area of his life.
  • Doakes is hardcore stalking Dexter. Dexter has to be a little impressed inside.
  • It looks like Dexter and Deb are both off their game.
  • Looks like Dexter may have found a new victim to kill.
  • Dexter lying to Deb and Rita seems like a sure-fire way for him to get caught in a lie.
  • Maria does not care one bit about this woman’s relationship problems.
  • Paul does not deserve any help from Rita.
  • Yeah, Deb is in no way over the Ice Truck Killer.
  • Dexter just lost his victim. Not good. Not good.
  • I guess Paul was right, he was never going to survive in there.
  • It seemed like Rita was on the verge of figuring something out.
  • Those bodies are Dexter’s bodies!

2×02 – Waiting to Exhale

Dexter remains on the trail of a dangerous new victim, while the traumatized Debra loses control on the job and a high-profile FBI agent arrives in Miami to investigate a newly discovered serial killer.

  • Maybe it’s a good thing Dexter can’t kill with his hiding place is found.
  • Haha, Dexter hates his serial killer moniker.
  • Chico saw Dexter’s face, he has to get to him before the police do.
  • Dexter should have figured it was Doakes following him instead of Chico.
  • Deb is not getting the hint that Dexter wants her to leave
  • Deb and Rita are the only people I believe Dexter wouldn’t kill.
  • Dexter would know all about funeral homes. That was a witty reference to Michael C. Hall playing a funeral home director on Six Feet Under another show, I’m currently watching for the first time.
  • Dexter could hide happiness at Chico being let go a little bit better.
  • Dexter being intimidated by this FBI guy is hilarious.
  • The idea of Dexter having a puppy is also hilarious.
  • I’m thinking that Deb has undisclosed PTSD.
  • Dexter just made the same joke I did about him having performance anxiety!
  • Dexter is seriously off his game.
  • The FBI agent is correct, Doakes is not a team player.
  • Deb was definitely not ready to come back.
  • At least Dexter didn’t mess up getting Chico this time.
  • I think Dexter may be back now.
  • I hope they don’t find your bodies this time Dexter.
  • I’m surprised Dexter is telling the truth to Rita about Paul.
  • Michael C. Hall’s facial expressions are killing me!
  • Dexter is an addict, just not the drug kind.
  • Geez! The jump out of the water at the end episode got me like a jump scare.

2×03 – An Inconvenient Lie

Dexter’s inability to deceive has him pursuing a slick liar as his next victim, while Rita believes he’s concealing a drug problem and forces him into a 12-step program where he meets Lila, a seductive new woman.

  • Looks like Dexter has an admirer.
  • Dexter is going to have to do better if he wants to keep Rita and the kids for his fake facade.
  • If I didn’t know any better I would think that Doakes is beginning to enjoy following Dexter.
  • It must be so weird for Dexter to see all his victims on display right in front of him especially with them looking for him.
  • Probably not good that a stranger could see through Dexter’s BS that quickly and that easily.
  • Dexter, you just got broken up with is what happened.
  • Dexter has never been broken up with before is what I’m gathering with his break up with Rita.
  • It’s nice to Maria not to throw Esme under the bus.
  • I found the conversations between Dexter and Doakes so fascinating as he is the only one who is even vaguely aware of Dexter’s true nature.
  • It’s also fun to see Dexter one-up him every time.
  • Dexter viciously killing someone because they insulted Rita tells me he feels something for her even if it’s just a flicker.
  • All Dexter had to do was replace his fake addition with his real one.
  • The addiction is a better cover for Dexter if it keeps Doakes off his back.
  • I love how unaware Dexter is about how gorgeous Lila is and how that might be intimidating for Rita.
  • I bet Rita is kicking herself for pushing AA on Dexter now.

2×04 – See-Through

Rita finds herself threatened by Dexter’s sexy new NA sponsor Lila, and stressed by a visit from her estranged mother, while Dexter tries to throw the dogged FBI Agent Lundy off his bloody trail.

  • Dexter meeting the mom should be interesting.
  • It’s fun seeing the people in Dexter’s life reacting to his crimes right in front of him unknowingly.
  • If Vince had figured it out, he wouldn’t have been so chill when he was around Dexter.
  • Lila is going to be an interesting character to watch this season I have no idea where she’s going, she could be a killer or she is just into Dexter. No way of telling this far.
  • Shouldn’t Dexter be arresting her for stealing?
  • Deb is almost right, Dexter does like killing but he also needs to do it.
  • Pascal using work resources for personal needs not good.
  • Good for Deb getting back into the game.
  • It was awkward seeing Dexter walk in on Deb and her friend.
  • Daryl aka Dorian Gregory from Charmed!
  • Dexter not knowing something about algae is hilarious to me.
  • The conversation between Doakes and Daryl from Charmed was telling about the interworkings in Doakes.
  • I’m glad Maria is back in charge because Pascal was a whole mess.
  • I just hope Pascal won’t turn this around on Maria.
  • I thought Dexter might hurt Lila there for a second.
  • Instead, he is just showing off his handy work.
  • Dexter’s reaction to Lila not sweating his dead bodies was perfect.
  • Lila is either into Dexter or trying to play him.
  • Did not see that reveal coming with Maria so scratch everything nice I said about her.
  • Rita’s mom also sees through Dexter’s facade.
  • Dexter you idiot! You forgot about the rocks!

2×05 – The Dark Defender

Dexter discovers that the man who murdered his mother in front of him as a boy is still alive and confronts the killer as part of his recovery from addiction – but he also discovers that old impulses die hard.

  • Dexter, you would be an antihero, not a superhero.
  • Dexter’s monologues to himself are my favorite part of every episode.
  • Deb is paranoid after her fiancée turned out to be a serial killer and she has a right to be, but her boyfriend deserves to know why.
  • Dexter putting on act for Rita’s mom is adorable.
  • I wonder why Harry lied to Dexter?
  • At least with Lila going with Dexter to visit this man, it guarantees that he won’t kill him.
  • I know Deb was joking, but Deb could use a father figure.
  • It’s nice seeing Dexter feels things about his mother’s death, though they are sad things.
  • I knew Maria and Doakes had a more personal past.
  • Drake’s suspected Maria was tricking Pascal which was more than I thought of it.
  • Lila seriously? Showering with your bracelets on?
  • An impromptu execution?
  • Harry and Dex’s mom together? That would be a reason why Harry didn’t tell Dexter.
  • Lila may have a superhero power from saving Dexter from himself.
  • Of course, The Ice Princess is a children’s book.
  • Geez, I see where Lila’s belief in not everyone being good or evil comes from.
  • Rita’s mom is going to be a problem in Rita and Dexter’s relationship, isn’t she?
  • Damnit, Dexter! How come he keeps forgetting one thing in every episode, the rocks and now a security camera.

2×06 – Dex, Lies, and Videotape

A new copycat killer openly mimics and claims to be inspired by the “Bay Harbor Butcher,” driving the annoyed Dexter into the arms of Lila, a development that could spell the end of his relationship with Rita.

  • I have the same questions Dexter has about his mom and Harry. Particularly is that why he took Dexter in.
  • Uh oh, Doakes knows Dexter isn’t a junkie. Dexter better have to come up with another lie.
  • This is not a place Dexter would choose one of his victims.
  • Has Lundy seen the security footage of Dexter and that’s why he’s suspicious of him?
  • A dinner with Gail, Rita, Lila, and Dexter? Well, this should go swimmingly.
  • Didn’t take any time for Gail to be invasive and rude as hell to Lila.
  • The dinner went better than I expected other than Gail being rude that wasn’t so bad.
  • Deb has some daddy issues which is why she likes Lundy.
  • Dexter could have stopped that answering message at any moment there.
  • Why didn’t Dexter stand up for himself more there? I know he doesn’t feel, but he should have stood up for himself than having Rita believe he’s a cheater.
  • Ugh, I hate Gail. She’s happy about her daughter being miserable.
  • Deb is right, Dexter should have gone after Rita and explained.
  • When Dexter and Doakes finally come to blows, it’s going to be incredible. The tension between these two is palpable.
  • Dexter is a bit more terrifying when he gets into one of these moods.
  • I thought Dexter was going to hurt Lila that I kinda relieved he just kissed her instead.
  • At least Dexter is self-aware he is in a love triangle.
  • Dexter killing his copycat seems like it was inevitable to happen.
  • I cannot tell where this relationship is heading between Lundy and Deb.
  • If only Rita and Dexter had this conversation before he did sleep with Lila.
  • HE ADMITTED IT! When Rita asked if Dex slept with Lila on the road trip. I said out loud to myself “Not that night.” And guess what Dexter said to Rita!
  • I honestly didn’t think he would tell her the whole truth, but he did.
  • It’s good Dexter didn’t lie. He hurt Rita, but it would have hurt worse if she found out later down the line.

2×07 – That Night, a Forest Grew

A written manifesto from the “Bay Harbor Butcher” sends the task force in charge of capturing him into chaos, which is part of Dexter’s plan for keeping Lundy off his trail.

  • Rita’s mom says she isn’t in high school anymore, but still babies Rita? Make it make sense.
  • Everyone is rubbing off on each other, Lila on Dexter and Deb on Lundy.
  • Wouldn’t giving Doakes bad information reflect badly on Dexter since he is the one who gave him the information to make the arrest?
  • I don’t think this is going to end well for Dexter like he thinks it will.
  • If I had a partner in crime, I would pretend it was an anniversary all the time.
  • Deb and Dexter keep meeting their romantic dalliances in such awkward situations.
  • “Are you trying to fuck her or set her on fire?” Damn Deb! It was too many candles though, she was correct.
  • Dexter is seriously fucking Doakes over. This is going to backfire on him badly.
  • Dexter is being reckless in more than one area of his life. This is not good.
  • Hell yeah, nice to see Rita standing up to her mother!
  • Rita’s not the only person standing up to people. Dexter standing up to Doakes by headbutting him. I didn’t see that coming.
  • Dexter’s plan has worked at least for now.
  • What is it with women replacing their fathers with romantic interests that could be their fathers?
  • I’m glad Dexter showed up for Cody’s sake.
  • The computer was close, but Dexter is not in his 50s or Catholic.
  • Setting your art and furniture on fire because of a missed phone call?
  • Lila manipulating Dexter? Not a good sign for what their future beholds.

2×08 – Morning Comes

Dexter decides that Lila is becoming too attached, decides “recovery” isn’t working for him, and pays another visit to his mother’s killer; Debra and Lundy find a clue that points to the “Bay Harbor Butcher” being right under their noses.

  • Deb and Lila going head to head is quite entertaining to watch especially with Dexter’s reactions to it.
  • Ironic Lila is talking about someone trying to control Dexter.
  • Dexter is visibly getting nervous now that they believe the serial killer is in the police department.
  • Lundy and Deb are consenting adults, but there is an imbalance of power between them.
  • Dexter is smart to notice that fire started at different points.
  • I’m surprised, Lundy is being so upfront to Dexter about going on a date with Deb. It could be a way to get him off balance.
  • For all that we know Dexter could have another sister out there.
  • Don’t know how Dexter is going to get out of this one.
  • Hopefully, Lundy will buy that excuse from Dexter.
  • If that guy saw Dexter’s car, then Dexter is screwed.
  • I hate to admit it, but Dexter is right if people find out about Lundy and Deb they will think she trying to sleep her way to the top, unfortunately.
  • Nice to see Dexter bowl again knowing how much he hates it.
  • Oh shit!
  • I should have seen that he would come after Dexter again.
  • Rita having a conversation with her kids is a prime example of why single parents don’t introduce their kids to who they are dating until they are sure they are serious about them.
  • That better not be Dexter’s license plate. He couldn’t have made that dumb of a move, could he?
  • Oh my God, Doakes is breaking into Dexter’s place!
  • Is Doakes gonna find his blood samples right?
  • Oh no…Dexter is going to have to frame someone in the department. That’s his only option.
  • Doakes is so close to finding Dexter’s samples.
  • Doakes breaking into Dexter’s place and now Lila breaking into Rita’s. What is going on!
  • Oh, fuck! Doakes has found the samples!!!
  • I knew the samples were going to come back and bite you, Dexter.
  • Damn, Lila feed information about Dexter to his mom’s killer. But why?
  • Dexter! You can’t leave your dead body there!!! Dexter is all over the place!
  • Dexter is in one of his terrifying moods again.
  • Lila thought that calling the guy who murdered her boyfriend’s mom would them closer together. What kind of flawed logic is that?!
  • Dexter was so close to killing Lila. She better consider herself lucky.

2×09 – Resistance Is Futile

Dexter tries to distance himself from Lila, but discovers she is unwilling to let go of their relationship; Lundy’s manhunt makes Dexter nervous as he tries to stay one step ahead – but it’s Dexter’s worst enemy that learns his secret.

  • They’re right Dex, you can’t leave your victims lying around.
  • I wonder what’s it going to take for Rita to forgive Dexter. He’ll have to do something big.
  • Great more people are following Dexter.
  • I know Dexter won’t be caught this early in the show, but man are they nipping at his toes right now with Doakes finding his samples and Lundy’s investigation.
  • I knew Lila wouldn’t be so easy to get rid of. She knows about his secrets, the real ones, and the fake ones.
  • Finally Dexter realizes his samples are gone! But it’s not Lundy who took them, Dex it’s Doakes.
  • Dexter looks like he going to faint.
  • Dexter is so calm for someone who thinks they have been caught.
  • Did Doakes turn the samples into Lundy? Ugh, what is going on?
  • Oh! They found the samples in Doakes’s place when he took it from Dexter!
  • I can’t believe Dexter turn around what Doakes said about Dexter on him.
  • Doakes is an idiot for breaking into Dexter’s place without anyone knowing. He should have seen this coming.
  • The image of Dexter sandwiched between these two huge agents is hilarious.
  • FBI agent is right, communication is key.
  • Gotta love Dexter prison breaking out of his own house.
  • That’s one way of announcing your relationship to the office.
  • Oh shit! I would know that motherfucker anywhere.
  • Let’s see how Dexter gets out of this one!
  • Dexter and Doakes coming to blows. This is what I have been waiting for!
  • The only way Dexter could kill Doakes if he makes it looks like a suicide.
  • I have no clue what Dexter’s plan is.

2×10 – There’s Something About Harry

Dexter’s world comes crumbling down when Doakes tracks him to the scene of his latest kill and reveals a devastating secret about Harry; the Miami Metro PD closes in on the “Bay Harbor Butcher.”

  • Dexter holding Doakes captive. This should make for some great conversations.
  • Interesting how Dexter relates Doakes to a killer because of his military background.
  • Doakes is right, Dexter only has two options. Curious to see which he chooses.
  • A flashback! Michael C. Hall is back in a terrible wig. Haha.
  • Lila is not going to take too well that Dexter and Rita are “hanging”.
  • Why would Dex leave a phone where he’s keeping Doakes captive?
  • I can’t believe Dexter is only thinking about what might happen to Rita or Deb if they find out about him.
  • I guess Dex has made his decision.
  • Oh, the water! He messed with it! Brilliant Dexter!
  • More secrets about Harry.
  • I don’t know how smart it is to keep Doakes alive, but we’ll see.
  • I knew that Deb and Lundy wouldn’t survive. It’s probably best for Deb she knows it won’t last for much longer.
  • It’s hard to tell if Doakes was trying to shake Dexter up or telling the truth.
  • Lila better not mess things up for Dexter and Rita.
  • Of course, Dexter has a conscience. Real human emotions debatable, a conscience for sure though.
  • I don’t know if I believe Harry killed himself. That seems like a cop-out. I wouldn’t be surprise it turns out he was alive all this time as a twist in one of these next seasons.
  • It’s a good thing Maria messed up her credibility or that evidence may have helped cut Doakes loose.
  • Dexter doesn’t need to play tag to be a monster.
  • What the hell is Lila doing? Is she trying to roofie Dexter?
  • Oh no. Is Lila trying to set Angel? I have no clue why she would though. She’s angry with Dexter, not Angel.
  • Harry seeing the monster he created in Dexter may have been enough for him to kill himself. Though, I doubt it.
  • Oh, Dexter…

2×11 – Left Turn Ahead

Dexter dodges bullets both figurative and real as he is forced to decide the fates of those he cares about most; Lila attempts to blackmail Dexter and makes a startling discovery.

  • Is Dexter going to have a therapy session with Doakes?
  • Beyond fucked up what Lila is doing.
  • Even if Dexter were to get back with Lila, he would hate every second of it.
  • Hey, it’s Mike from Breaking Bad!
  • And Doakes is out! That’s just great.
  • I love how protective Deb is over the people she cares about.
  • Fuck Lila for lying about rape.
  • We almost had the Dexter version of the Kim and coyote moment from 24 there.
  • Doakes does not have good luck at all!
  • How ironic would it be for Dexter to save Doakes and then have to kill him? The irony.
  • Dexter won’t turn himself in. I’ll believe he’ll kill himself before he turns himself in.
  • I for one would love to see Dexter high.
  • I can’t imagine the day that Deb finds out that Dexter is a serial killer. Two serial killers under her nose and she never knew.
  • Lila isn’t her real name, she’s hiding something.
  • What is Lila doing! Take a hint girl, Dexter won’t ever love you.
  • Oh shit! Lila is going to find Doakes!
  • Once again I love how protective Deb is over the people she loves.
  • Dexter cooking a steak, has to be a callback to the intro.
  • The one where Dexter tells Deb and she cries has to be the one I most likely think would have happened. The one where she choked though was the funniest though.
  • I knew Dexter wouldn’t tell Deb.
  • Everything seems to be going to shit!
  • How is Dexter getting out of this?

2×12 – The British Invasion

In the Season Two finale, Lundy and the FBI finally settle the case of the Bay Harbor Butcher, but the heat’s not entirely off Dexter as his world literally becomes an inferno. Can he rise from the ashes once again?

  • Finale time!
  • I had no clue how this will end especially with Lila through into the mix.
  • Will they think Doakes was trying to kill Lila?
  • Of course, Lila is still into Dexter after finding out he’s a serial killer.
  • Lila WTF?! OMG!!!!
  • You just gotta love that Doakes’s last word before his death was Motherfucker!
  • I guess Lila was the miracle Dexter was asking for.
  • You can thank Lila, Dex. As much as I hate to admit it.
  • Lila is going to hold this over Dexter. Force him to be with her or she tells everyone the truth.
  • Oh my God! They‘re using the intro. You have to love it.
  • The kids better be grateful they walk in after Rita and Dexter’s deed was done.
  • Poor Maria. I feel sorry for her.
  • Lila should consider herself lucky, that Dexter hasn’t killed her yet.
  • Lila is a psychopath just like Dexter. That doesn’t surprise me at all.
  • Dexter has some type of plan to get rid of Lila surely.
  • I feel for Maria, but she has to know that most people think Doakes is the killer and won’t want to give his funeral money.
  • Geez, Dexter nearly drugged Deb.
  • That’s it, I have decided that besides Dexter, Deb has the best one-liners.
  • I mean with Deb having one liners like “Does your dick dance?” that’s just hilarious! Deb is great.
  • Lila knows Dexter was playing her.
  • Oh, Deb. You knew that your relationship with Lundy wasn’t going to last forever.
  • Oh shit! Lila!!!! She kidnapped Rita’s kids!
  • Lila, what is your obsession with fire?!!!
  • Couldn’t Dexter try to break the entire window instead of crawling across the floor.
  • How many actors have there been to play young Dexter?
  • Bye bitch!
  • Deb, he’s relaxed because he’s Dexter.
  • Maybe, Dexter’s right. Maybe a higher power does want him to keep doing what he’s doing.
  • When did Dexter get the time to go to Paris to kill Lila? I’m not complaining just curious.
  • Dexter no more slides! Please no more slides with your victim’s blood samples!
  • And with that, we are done with Dexter season two!

This season was a ride in the best way possible. I can’t decide if I prefer this season or season one, I feel like both did what they needed to accomplish. Season one had to introduce Dexter his backstory, the supporting characters and their relationships to each other along with the overarching mystery. Season two flesh out every character and delved more deeply into their relationships while having a compelling mystery at the forefront. The higher stakes in season two might be what puts it over season one in my opinion, but season one was a great debut season and it was nice to see season two add onto it.

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