Aries Cinema: Films for Aries

Aries season is upon us. Which means my birthday is nearly upon me. It’s a few weeks away, but I wanted to go ahead start celebrating my zodiac sign and my fellow Aries who are already celebrating their birthdays. I will admit I’m not very good at astrology, but I love learning about it. So I sometimes while researching my sign, I am bombarded with film recommandations personalized for Aries. There’s a lists for this every sign, but I would of course be most interested in my own sign. The movies were often recommended either because the main characters gave off Aries vibes or the movies displayed qualities that we would identified with. Having seen so many of these lists and being an Aries I think I’m qualified at making my list of movie recommendations that exemplify Aries energy.

The following movies I have either seen and believe to be very Aries-like or movies that are well regarded to have the personality of an Aries. Now if you aren’t well familiar with Aries or what or personality traits are I will give you a brief description. With our enthusiastic attitudes and relentless dedication, Aries are passionate, determined, and typically are leaders. We are independent, creative, and often known to be direct and brutally honest. Our “negative” traits can be described as impatient, impulsive, and maybe too honest for our own good. That’s not everything, but key things to look out for with my recommendations. Many of the characters in these movies have one or more of these traits, but some movies just have everything me and my fellow Aries like. I have so many recommendations I couldn’t fit them all into one post, so I’ll be doing a sequel next week with more recommendations. Without further ado, here are my Aries film recommendations.

The Nice Guys

The main characters dive headfirst into difficult and dangerous situations which sound like something an Aries would do if it involved something they were passionate about. Not something I would do, but the stereotypical Aries for sure. It also doesn’t hurt that The Nice Guys is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

I would not be surprised if Scott Pilgrim was an Aries. He is driven to date Ramona nevermind the consequences from her exes. He’s impulsive to a fault with a complete disregard for this safety, sounds like an Aries.

Jennifer’s Body

Jennifer herself is pretty confident and brutally honest even, both traits Aries are known for having. And that’s before she turns into a demon then she becomes aggressive, another Aries trait. I’m not sure if Jennifer is an Aries, but people can make a good case for her being one.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

This is an easy one, Ferris is creative and impulsive as hell. This is probably many of Aries’ favorite movie with how much it radiates Aries energy.


I haven’t seen Videodrome but what I know about it can like appeal to a different side of Aries. Aries are passionate in every aspect of their lives including as lovers. So much so they can become addicted to sexual encounters and the same can be said about Videodrome.

Fight Club

Quite clearly an Aries film. Aries can get into fights (verbally mostly, but physical too) with the whole competitive nature we got going on. Fight Club more than fits.

Mad Max

Every character here is fearless and full of ambition especially our main two characters who are natural leaders. They exude Aries energy with how far they are willing to go to achieve their goal.

The World’s End

I haven’t seen The World’s End, but the amount of times it’s been recommended to me by other Aries tells me it must be a worthy candidate for being an Aries movie. I will definitely be checking this one out soon for myself.

Kill Bill

The physical fights and a stop-tempered protagonist who won’t give up her mission are very Aries. Also doesn’t hurt that the director, Quentin Tarantino is an Aries himself. The movie was destined to be full of Aries energy.

Thor: Ragnarok

All the characters, but most importantly Thor himself feel like Aries at least in this film. Thor isn’t afraid of the risks and challenges that are in front of him, he pushes forward with creative solutions and optimism. Another movie that’s a favorite of mine.

Baby Driver

Baby though not a natural leader, has is independent and able to think for himself like many Aries. The movie itself is full of creativity and imagination much like an Aries’ mind.

Ready or Not

The main character, Grace is pulled into some unimaginable cruel situations but she doesn’t back down from them. Much like Aries would act in those circumstances she was placed in.

Mean Girls

Mean Girls is just all around an Aries movie, the competitive attitudes, the honest but hurtful insults, determination each character displays. An Aries movie if I have ever seen one.


I can’t describe Climax that would make any sense. It’s a movie you have to watch for yourself to understand it, but I will say it feels like an Aries movie. Nothing about the characters or plot says that, the movie simply feels like it.

Rebel Without A Cause

Rebel Without A Cause feels like the quintessential Aries movie. It has much of the known Aries traits in the film that makes it a clear fan favorite of my many people who happen to be an Aries.

School of Rock

The main character Dewney is committed to his love of music that he is willing to teach young children about the music they know nothing about. Passionate would be one word to describe him and a word to describe many Aries.

The Favorite

In The Favorite, we have three headstrong and ambitious women. They have plans they won’t be swayed from pursuing and they will go through anyone who cares to stop them. How much more Aries can you be?

The Departed

They will be many mob movies included in my next post. Mob movies seem to attract Aries for some reason. Probably has to do with the protagonists usually being reckless and violent. All things Aries like in their movies. The Departed is no different.

Apocalypse Now

A mission-heavy film and Aries are goal-orientated people. It’s as simple as that. And as a bonus, Marlon Brandon, the film’s villain, and Francis Ford Coppola, the film’s director are both Aries. If you needed more proof this was an Aries’s movie.

Funny Face

The last film for this post is Funny Face which outrightly may not look like an Aries film. I don’t think of any of the characters as Aries, but the Funny Face is chaotic in a fun way just like Aries. Many people think of Aries as wild and Funny Face is wild. It embodies a lot of Aries energy which makes a lot more sense when you realize that its director Stanley Donen was an Aries. Aries energy behind the scenes shines through into the movie.

I will do a sequel to this next week. I enjoyed doing this so much I may eventually do this for all the Zodiac signs. Comment down below your Zodiac sign.


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