Season in Review: 24 (S6)

6×01 – Day 6: 6:00am-7:00am

Twenty months after Jack Bauer’s capture by the Chinese, terrorist attacks rock America. Jack returns in a deal made by President Wayne Palmer. Jack is handed over to Abu Fayed, who will in turn give the location of the man responsible for the attacks; Hamri Al-Assad. Meanwhile, Karen Hayes and Tom Lennox argue over proposed security measures that could suspend the rights of Muslim Americans.

  • Bombings are happening across cities. That’s what the terrorist attacks are this season.
  • Hi Karen!
  • Wayne?! Wayne is President. I love that little twist in the story.
  • Just how many years has it been?
  • Hi Milo! We haven’t seen you since an episode in season one. Very strange they just randomly brought him back for seemingly no real reason. Are we just supposed to believe he’s been there (in the background) these last few seasons?
  • I like Chloe’s new look, but she’s back with her ex, unfortunately.
  • Hi Marisol Nichols!
  • Hi Bill, hi Curtis (I forgot about you)!
  • Oh, Jack…he looks like a vulnerable Jesus.
  • He never spoke for two years? Wow, also good we know it’s been two years.
  • Wait, what?! They only got him back so he can sacrifice himself? What an awful deal and terrible thing to ask of someone.
  • Oh my, so Bill and Karen did get that breakfast huh *wink*.
  • So we can lose Jack for nothing if this guy is lying. Once again I reiterate this is a horrible thing to ask of somebody.
  • We have another family this season. We have a family every season.
  • Hi Michael Angarano!
  • Hi Kal Penn! Gosh, there are a lot of famous people in this season.
  • Kiefer Sutherland and Kal Penn would reunite nine years later in the series Designated Survivor. That’s one of the first thoughts I had when I saw Kal Penn was on here.
  • The family storyline is usually one of the worst storylines of each season so I don’t have high hopes for this one either.
  • There was always a chance the terrorist wouldn’t tell them anything or lie.
  • AND OF COURSE, HE’S LYING, he’s the big bad, not the other guy.
  • And of course, Kal Penn’s character is an actual terrorist.
  • There is a lot of deception this season already.
  • Eww, Jack just killed that guy like he was a vampire!
  • Then again Jack is probably used to being a vampire. Get it? Because Kiefer Sutherland was in The Lost Boys where he played a vampire?

6×02: Day 6: 7:00am-8:00am

Jack finds out that Abu Fayed, not Assad, is behind the attacks, and manages to escape. Jack teams up with Assad to stop a suicide bomber on a subway. FBI agents search the Islamic-American Alliance offices in D.C. under dubious pretenses, to the chagrin of Sandra Palmer. Ahmed Amar implements Abu Fayed’s plan in the suburbs.

  • Jack got his voice back pretty quickly after being interrogated.
  • What the f*ck is this package? Is it another bomb?
  • It sure didn’t take that long to get for Jack to back into the groove of things.
  • Jack is working with a turned terrorist. I never saw that coming.
  • Regina King! Sandra Palmer? Wait what??? David and Wayne have a sister? Why haven’t we heard of her before now?
  • I agree with Sandra, Tom seems terrible. He is a shoo-in for possible worst character this season.
  • Jack may have gotten a bit soft with his interrogation skills after being interrogated by China for so long.
  • Great, now Jack is questioning himself. This is not good.
  • Who do I root for here? The actual terrorist or the racist?
  • God this is annoying, Ahmed doesn’t have to threaten Scott or reveal his true intentions to him at all. He could have come up with some excuse for Scott to leave, but no. Now he has more work cut out for himself with the package and holding Scott as a hostage.
  • Is Jack even technically a federal agent anymore? He hasn’t been with CTU for years now.
  • The train sequence was pretty cool all things considered.
  • I’m glad everyone knows Jack was right now. I didn’t want that to be a thing that was dragged out.
  • At the end of the episode, before the credits, a dedication is made: “This episode is dedicated to the memory of the aircrew of Gunshot 66 Mayor Gerald “Beav” Bloomfield, Captain Michael “Martini” Martino. Whose Marine Corps helicopter was shot down over Western Iraq November 2nd, 2005.

6×03 – Day 6: 8:00am-9:00am

Jack and Hamri Al-Assad track one of Fayed’s men. Ahmed Amar holds a family hostage and orders the father to deliver a package to Abu Fayed. CTU discovers a wiring schematic for a nuclear device on a terrorist’s laptop and learns of an elaborate plan to free a terrorist weapons programmer from the Palmdale Military Facility.

  • 24, once again is back with the moral dilemmas. Releasing dangerous prisoners or possibly more bombings.
  • Milo and Morrison have seriously need to kick this petty beef of theirs.
  • Chloe is helping Jack just like in the good old days.
  • Curtis is going to have a problem with Jack working with Assad.
  • Jack went GTA with stealing a car from a random pedestrian.
  • Jack is probably at his best when he’s working on his feet.
  • I’m curious how this family storyline will turn out if it’s somehow any different from the other family storylines we have had thus far in the show.
  • I do not envy Wayne in this situation at all. I never envy the Presidents on this show. They are always in crisis mode.
  • Scott getting too proud for his own good.
  • I feel for Sandra, but Wayne is right in that he doesn’t need his sister getting arrested on top of everything going on today.
  • I hope that this is as far as the tension goes between Curtis and Assad.
  • Nobody should be surprised that the handler rather be killed than be reprimanded. They rather die for their cause.
  • There’s always one complication or another in this show, that what makes everything so interesting.
  • Of course, the bombings were just a plan to free this guy.
  • And of course, they have a guy working on the inside to help free this guy. Classic 24.

6×04 – Day 6: 9:00am-10:00am

After CTU stops Ahmed Amar from killing the hostage held family and Jack Bauer races to find Abu Fayed before he is able to detonate a suitcase nuke. Jack must make a difficult choice between Assad and Curtis. The President’s sister calls her brother on behalf of Rezani, while Wayne Palmer faces the toughest hour of his Presidency, as a nuclear device detonates in Valencia.

  • 100% in agreement with Bill’s We Have To Do Better statement. Seriously, a terrorist escapes in board daylight with inside help. Not good.
  • Jack is on top of this situation right where he belongs.
  • I love when we see Jack be a little vulnerable from time to time. You can tell Jack rather not be doing this, but he will because that’s just who Jack is.
  • Jack might be onto something, Curtis and Assad may have crossed paths or maybe Assad did something in his past to make Curtis so hostile towards him.
  • That’s a nifty trick Ahmed used against Assad
  • A useful way to find out which one between his wife and son he values more.
  • Oh, Jillian, I hope calling the police won’t backfire on you for Scott’s sake.
  • That’s what this petty beef has been about? Milo and Chloe dated? Seriously? Men…
  • I’m glad Jack is a part of this crew working with Jillian, at least Jack may be able to keep Scott safe.
  • Why do I have a feeling that either Assad will turn on Jack or Curtis will kill Assad for revenge for whatever Assad did to him? That is where this seems to be going.
  • Okay, good Jack stops Ahmed before he was able to kill Scott.
  • Jack has got his hands full here. He seemingly has to save everyone and everything today.
  • Yeah, Curtis’s motive against Assad makes all the sense in the world and it’s clear why he would want revenge. But, they need Assad alive to save thousands of people. That’s the mission and that’s what matters here.
  • So, I was right about Curtis trying to kill Assad, what I did not guess was that Jack would have to shoot him to save Assad.
  • It was pretty stupid that Curtis would just risk becoming a murderer in front of that many people to kill Assad. Just very out of character for him and quite frankly dumb.
  • Curtis really had the nerve to have a How Could You face while he died to Jack. You brought upon yourself, Curtis.
  • Oh, Jack…it’s clear he isn’t up for this anymore.
  • Imagine if the rest of the season is just Jack acting like a normal person and going home (he probably doesn’t have one, now that I think about it) and watching television. I honestly wouldn’t mind that for a few episodes.
  • And Ahmed is dead, welp.
  • I was holding my breath for the last few minutes of the episode. This is the turn the season has been waiting for.

6×05 – Day 6: 10:00am-11:00am

Through Assad’s intel, Jack learns of a connection between his father Phillip Bauer and the nuke supplier. Jack contacts his brother, Graem, and demands information. As Abu Fayed searches for triggers for his nukes, IAA director Walid al-Rezani spies on suspicious detention camp inmates.

  • Who’s the Vice President? I haven’t even thought about it before now.
  • The chaos of the bombing and people running away from their homes sets this season’s crisis apart from the previous crises.
  • There was no way Jack wouldn’t be a part of this. Not after this attack.
  • Wait, are they saying that Jack’s father is somehow a part of all this? Wait…this means we’ll be meeting his father. This should be interesting.
  • If Jack hasn’t talked to his father in 9 years, that means he hasn’t spoken to him since around season one.
  • Jack has a brother too??? We are diving deep into Jack’s family life this season.
  • Is Sam, Jack’s Alfred?
  • Jack always reminded me of Ethan Hunt from the Mission Impossible series in the way of we don’t know much about their families or childhoods. Just a reference once or twice, so this is a definite turn with what they are doing with Jack now.
  • The dude who was working with Logan last season is Jack’s brother? WTF?! I have many questions.
  • So…Jack and Graem’s wife dated first and then his brother just went after her? This is getting ridiculous. First Milo, Chloe, and Morrison, now this. Oh boy…
  • Yeah, so the brothers haven’t seen each other since Teri’s funeral which would have only a little after season 1, which if you add the time between each season would be about 10 years ago.
  • Jack and the brother don’t look much like each other. I’ll just have to believe one takes after their father and the other by their mother.
  • A Jack integration on his brother? Nice!
  • Well, I guess the brothers are equal now since they have both tried to kill each other.

6×06 – Day 6: 11:00am-12:00pm

Graem reveals a connection between his company and Darren McCarthy, who brokered the nukes to Fayed. Graem’s motives are made clearer when he and Jack find their father. Security measures put in place by Tom Lennox put pressure on the Arab members of CTU. Karen Hayes is blackmailed into resigning by Tom Lennox.

  • Tom and Karen arguing is not what we need right now.
  • I wouldn’t trust Graem if I was Jack, but I know more than he does about what Graem has been up to.
  • Seems like Jack and Graem have always been on the outs. A sibling rivalry.
  • Hopefully, Karen can get these provisions against Nadia off, so she can do her job.
  • Tom is becoming the exact asshole I thought he would be. Seriously trying to dig skeletons out of Bill and Karen’s closet is a d*ck move.
  • I hate that Tom is forcing Karen out of this job that she’s great at by pulling a fast one over her.
  • I have to be honest I haven’t cared about this Sandra storyline, I hope whatever happens next with her will be interesting.
  • Wow, we are indeed meeting Jack’s father. That was quick.
  • Jack and his father being kidnapped. That’s great…

6×07 – Day 6: 12:00pm-1:00pm

Jack Bauer and Phillip Bauer head to Graem’s house to interrogate him. Graem reveals his involvement in the assassination of David Palmer. Wayne Palmer refuses Tom Lennox’s controversial plans to deny freedoms to Muslim-Americans. Darren McCarthy kidnaps Morris O’Brian and demands he arm the suitcase nukes.

  • Ugh, Tom is getting his way.
  • I never got the feeling Jack was close to his father, but I guess we wouldn’t know since we only see 6 days of his life including today.
  • I wonder if Jack’s father killed Graem’s hitchman to conceal something from Jack.
  • Jeez, the way Jack and his team barge in scared me and I knew it was coming.
  • Marylin has a point, Jack’s way of protecting people usually does not end well for them.
  • Jack integrating his brother, part two!
  • Why did Milo tell Chloe that Morrison’s brother was hurt if he didn’t want Chloe to tell him?
  • At least Jack knows the truth that Graem tried to have him killed more than once.
  • I agree with Jack’s father, Jack did deserve a better family than the one he got.
  • Don’t get me wrong I’m glad Wayne didn’t change his mind, but why did he call this meeting then?
  • Okay, I’m suspicious of Milo now. Seems if it wasn’t for him Morrison wouldn’t have been set up.
  • Why would that agent let Philip into the room with Graem?
  • I’m not surprised Philip is deep into this plan. After Graem, everyone from Jack’s side of the family is insane.

6×08 – Day 6: 1:00pm-2:00pm

Jack learns that Graem died as a result of his interrogation. Morris is brought to Fayed. Jack rescues Morris, but not before he is forced into programming the trigger. Fayed escapes with three suitcase nukes, which he is now capable of detonating. Tom Lennox contemplates resigning, when Reed Pollock brings an offer to the table.

  • The irony of Jack’s family being terrorists is not lost on me.
  • Jack jumping down from the helicopter onto other vehicles is such a Jack moment. He’s so cool.
  • This woman did not even give it a second thought of killing her brother.
  • Well, I got my answer to who the Vice President is.
  • She’s known by CTU now.
  • Poor Morrison. This is like the level of torture that Jack received from the Chinese.
  • This is a complicated situation. I know I wouldn’t have been able to endure the pain, but I know I couldn’t make a bomb that would kill thousands of people. I rather die.
  • So we know that Tom’s line he won’t cross is treason.
  • Jack coming in hot. We love to see it.
  • Jack is going to have to defuse a bomb.
  • There was never no doubt Jack wouldn’t defuse the bomb. One, because he’s Jack and he gets everything done. Two, because he’s not dying. I don’t see Jack dying until the last episode of the show and even then I wouldn’t be sure.
  • Morrison is going to be guilt-riddled for the rest of the season.
  • Corruption in the White House is now becoming there’s a mole in CTU with how frequent it’s happening.

6×09 – Day 6: 2:00pm-3:00pm

Morris is brought back to CTU with Jack. Abu Fayed contacts Dmitri Gredenko, a Cold War General, who is in L.A. and has been planning the day’s events. Assad begins work on a statement to address his people in Washington, D.C. Marilyn is coerced into leading Jack into a trap by Phillip, who has taken Josh Bauer hostage.

  • We have another bad guy added into the mix. As if we didn’t have enough of those.
  • I hate Jack has to go on thinking he killed his brother. Probably going to be this way for a while.
  • There’s comes the storyline where Morrison feels guilty for what he did I predicted.
  • Bill willing to cover up Jack’s mistake is a huge step from where he began.
  • The White House team and maybe the Vice President is going up against the President. Hey, that’s new. Can you sense the sarcasm?
  • I knew Marilyn was holding out on something. She should know by now any memory could help.
  • Morrison needed that tough love talk from Chloe.
  • Ugh! I knew it was a bad idea for Philip to take Josh. I know Marilyn doesn’t know what we the audience knows about him, but it’s frustrating to watch these characters giving him the upper hand.
  • Of course, there was a bomb planted in the address Philp told Marilyn to tell Jack.
  • They want Marilyn alive, but they are shooting directly at her? What sense does that make?

6×10 – Day 6: 3:00pm-4:00pm

Jack and Marilyn use one of Phillip’s men to find out where he and Josh are. Returning to work puts unwanted pressure on Morris, especially after he hears of Milo’s heroism in saving Marilyn. The President prepares Assad’s speech, unaware of conspiracy brewing within his own cabinet, and Jack is forced to turn to an unlikely source for help.

  • Jack is running through teams this season. So many have died and we’re only 10 episodes in this season.
  • God, these bad guys are dumb. You don’t know Jack is dead, so don’t tell your boss that he is without real confirmation.
  • There’s Jack! Doing what he does best, saving his people.
  • Yes, Jack, your father is the big bad this season. Better he finds out now rather than when it’s too late.
  • Morrison should not be working in his condition.
  • At least Philip isn’t dumb enough to let Josh go.
  • Not surprising that the White House is trying to set Assad up.
  • Morrison getting drunk at work. Not good.
  • Why does the show always try to entangle Jack into a relationship or let a woman catch feelings for him every season? Jack’s too busy saving the world right now to think about a relationship.
  • I doubt Wayne will be killed. I wouldn’t put it past them, but killing both Palmer brothers back-to-back seasons? Not cool.
  • Let’s see how this goes wrong because Jack is not dying.
  • Philip saying he’s a Patriot is laughable. Seriously? Dude you just admitted to playing a role in a former President’s death.
  • Charles Logan??!??!?!!! Why isn’t he in jail?
  • I will admit that reveal was the first time I have been truly shocked so far this season. I’m interested in where this is going.

6×11 – Day 6: 4:00pm-5:00pm

Jack meets with Charles Logan to gain information about the whereabouts of Gredenko, who continues with preparations to set off the remaining nukes. Tensions within the White House Bunker come to a boil just as President Palmer and Assad are about to address the nation, and CTU deals with the fallout from one of their employee’s experiences earlier in the day.

  • Logan somehow managed to get himself out of jail into just house arrest? Why am I even surprised? The white privilege of it all.
  • And of course, the public doesn’t know he was partly responsible for Palmer’s death. He somehow managed to wheeze his way out of that too.
  • Why is CTU always shorthanded? Especially today, shouldn’t they be receiving some backup. It would’ve been better than everyone worrying about Morris.
  • Logan actually looks like it’s been two years. Some of the characters looked the same from last season or so, but Logan looks like it’s him but two years later.
  • Logan can stop with the “I’m changed” mentality. It’s not working on Jack and it’s not working on me.
  • Ugh, Jack doesn’t have a choice but use Logan, but I feel like he’s playing Jack.
  • Jack and Logan working together isn’t what I expected coming into this season.
  • Logan, you are still a weasel! You get no redemption or forgiveness from me.
  • Morris should have never been reinstalled after he was returned. No one should have expected him to do good work after being tortured.
  • Where is Martha? She’s not married to Logan anymore.
  • God…Logan is one of those people who refers to themselves in the third person. If I couldn’t hate him more.
  • Can we get past Morris drinking? Please! I don’t care about this storyline.
  • Geez, are they going to set this bomb off and set up Assad? I didn’t think the plan would get this far.
  • Reed was actually able to pull it off. I didn’t think that would happen.

6×12 – Day 6: 5:00pm-6:00pm

Noah Daniels assumes presidential duties from the wounded Wayne Palmer. Tom Lennox turns Reed Pollock in for attempting to assassinate Palmer. Jack, with the help of Logan, extracts Gredenko’s plot from Markov, but is unable to pass it to CTU.

  • Palmer’s not dead, so my prediction reminds intact for now.
  • Unlike Logan, Jack didn’t do anything to deserve to be locked up.
  • Bill, it does matter if it was Assad or not because if it wasn’t him (which we know it wasn’t) there’s someone around trying to kill the President who is still around.
  • It makes Reed look extremely suspicious that he doesn’t know where the man he works for is.
  • Reed must have really liked Tom while he worked for him.
  • Haha, Tom gave Reed and his partner up so quickly. That’s hilarious.
  • Hey, it’s Walter from Fringe doing a bad Russian accent!
  • Oh, Jack is about to do something stupid and insane.
  • There’s Karen! I was wondering where she’s been these few hours/episodes.
  • Of course, the Vice President doesn’t want to tell the public that Assad is innocent.
  • Jack, what are you doing? Does he love torture? The Russians will be worse than the Chinese if they get their hands on him.

6×13 – Day 6: 6:00pm-7:00pm

Jack Bauer escapes the Russian consulate with the help of CTU led by the new head of field operations; Mike Doyle. Charles Logan and Martha Logan are reunited, which ends in tragedy. Noah Daniels puts pressure on Tom Lennox to frame Hamri Al-Assad for the attempt on Wayne Palmer’s life.

  • At least Jack was able to protect his head by falling on that dead guy’s body.
  • Sometimes I wonder if Jack is really that good or if everyone else is just that competent. I think it’s a bit of both.
  • Is Martha coming back? Yes, please!
  • Something tells me Logan won’t get Martha as much as he thinks he will.
  • How will Wayne feel about the Vice President implicating this policy once he wakes up?
  • And Wayne will also be able to confirm that Assad didn’t plant the bomb.
  • YES!!! Martha and Aaron are back and they’re together!!!! This makes me very happy.
  • I knew Martha wouldn’t not willing to help Logan. Maybe if Bill asked, but not Logan.
  • Great now Logan has time restraints on top of having to convince Martha to help him.
  • Martha is like me, cut the BS Logan because we’re not buying.
  • Welp, she stabbed him!
  • Logan, why would you take the knife out? It’s common knowledge you keep it in until a medical decides they can take it out.
  • That poor couch is ruined with his blood.
  • Going to go out on a limb and say that Logan isn’t dying.

6×14 – Day 6: 7:00pm-8:00pm

Jack Bauer learns that Audrey Raines followed him to China and is now dead. CTU is led to believe that there is a mole and Nadia Yassir is the prime suspect. Dmitri Gredenko and Abu Fayed launch the first nuclear drone. Even though CTU successfully subverts the bomb’s detonation, Vice President Noah Daniels goes forth with a nuclear retaliatory strike against Fayed’s home country.

  • It’s been 14 episodes and Nadia has been mostly a background character. Why not explore further her being Middle Eastern and the own government she’s working for is discriminating against her for that. That would have been better than this Morris’s storyline.
  • Jack and CTU are going to have to speed up their operation before the US starts a war.
  • Look I get that Marilyn didn’t love her husband, but he just died a few hours ago. Don’t try to kiss his brother!!!
  • Yes!!!! An Aubrey mention!!!
  • NOOO, they killed Aubrey??!???!?!?!
  • I don’t want to believe they killed Aubrey until I see some proof. She could have faked her death. It wouldn’t be like this show hasn’t done that before.
  • At least Karen is back into the fold.
  • I thought this is Morris drunk storyline was over? Hopefully, this is the last of it.
  • Milo, Chloe, and Morris are the worst CTU specialists so far in the show. No contest.
  • CTU has a mole. I have never seen that before! I wonder where they will go with this. Please tell me you can sense the sarcasm?
  • Nadia has been away from her computer so many times today. Just because the leak is coming from her computer doesn’t mean it’s her.
  • Why does every season need a mole? There have only been two times at most where it was good.
  • Those two times were Nina and the time the mole wasn’t actually a mole.
  • I completely forgot Regina King was in this season.
  • And hey what happened to Logan? Are they not coming back to that?! What the f*ck!
  • I too would like to see Jack kill Audrey’s killers, you know if she is actually dead.
  • Of course, the Vice President is still releasing the warning shot.

6×15 – Day 6: 8:00pm-9:00pm

Jack, through CTU intel, finds and captures Gredenko, who negotiates a deal with CTU. To thwart the Vice President’s plans to bomb Fayed’s country, Karen Hayes and Sandra Palmer awaken President Palmer from his chemically-induced coma in hopes that he will rescind the order to strike before the missile launches.

  • Ugh, I despise this Doyle guy. Nadia better not be screwed over by him.
  • I know Karen needs Wayne to wake up, but it feels manipulate she has to force Sandra to make that choice.
  • This Vice President is insane! What does he think threatening Wayne’s doctor will do?
  • What kind of prick lets their autistic brother do his dirty work for him?
  • Good, this Nadia not being the mole storyline is over.
  • Nadia is right, CTU is not a good place to start a relationship. Tony and Michelle’s relationship was often put at risk because of CTU (ugh, I miss Tony and Michelle).
  • Jack better not get this kid killed.
  • Woo! We got Gredenko!!! A break in this investigation.
  • Let’s go! Yes! Wayne’s awake!!! Woo!
  • Are you kidding me? The VP is still going through with this?!

6×16 – Day 6: 9:00pm-10:00pm

Vice President Daniels challenges President Wayne Palmer for the presidency. Overhearing that Vice President Daniels is willing to commit perjury, Tom Lennox blackmails Daniels into dropping out, letting President Wayne Palmer continue his duties. Gredenko reluctantly helps CTU capture Fayed and later dies from his injuries just when President Palmer makes a shocking decision concerning the nuclear strike against Fayed’s country.

  • Wayne should not push it. The last thing we need is him back in the hospital.
  • Doyle stop trying to rationalize why you were racist to Nadia.
  • And now Doyle wants Nadia to do him a favor! Ugh, I hate him!
  • F*ck! Karen resigning earlier sure did come to bite us in the ass.
  • Whatever Doyle. If he means what he says then start focusing on the nukes instead of relationships at CTU.
  • I kinda like that this episode is lending to a legal episode. Something new which I can’t say for anything else that has happened so far this season.
  • Is Tom doing the right thing? I won’t complain.
  • Wayne better be alright after all the trouble we went through to keep him in power.
  • Gross, they cut Gredenko’s arm off!
  • That was smart, lead Fayed away to a crowd and let them have at it with him while you make your escape.
  • What the hell?!
  • Palmer is going to ahead with the strike?! The very thing he was against to prove he’s not weak?! What lame reasoning is that!!!

6×17 – Day 6: 10:00pm-11:00pm

The threat of a missile strike is revealed to be a ruse in order for the Ambassador to reveal intelligence regarding a high-ranking official inside Fayed’s country who is involved. Jack and Mike Doyle devise an elaborate sting operation to trick Fayed into helping CTU get closer to the two remaining suitcase nukes. However not all goes to plan and Jack takes it upon himself to recover the suitcase nukes and kill Fayed just when he receives a disturbing phone call.

  • Five minutes?!
  • There has to be another reason why Palmer is suddenly doing this!
  • I was holding my breath there. Breathe.
  • Why did Palmer have to lie to his cabinet if he just needed everyone else to think it was true not them?
  • Doyle better not get in way of getting information from Fayed.
  • This show was bound for another car crash I guess.
  • Another bluff? This time by Jack and CTU? They really liked this storytelling trick huh? Two in one episode.
  • Wayne may die at the end of the day if he keeps pushing himself like this.
  • Seriously we don’t have time for Milo to throw a hissy fit about Nadia.
  • I hope Tom knows basic medical procedures.
  • Wow, Jack thinks he’s Keanu in Speed.
  • Wayne is going to end up killing himself at the level he is currently going.
  • That will go down as one of Jack’s most brutal kills ever.
  • Exactly, damn Jack!
  • I knew it! I knew it! I knew Aubrey was still alive! If they were going to kill her they would be shown her body!
  • I wonder who’s the body that was in the file then. Maybe we’ll find out.

6×18 – Day 6: 11:00pm-12:00pm

President Palmer collapses at a press conference, making Vice President Daniels acting president. Against the orders of Vice President Daniels, Jack ditches his partner Mike Doyle and proceeds alone to negotiate with Cheng Zhi, who is willing to trade his hostage Audrey Raines (who was thought to be deceased for months prior) for an FB subcircuit board from one of the nukes, giving access to Russian defense systems.

  • Jack getting a thank you for everything he’s done? That never happens?! Thank you, Doyle.
  • I should have known Cheng would want Jack to steal the nukes.
  • The White House is always under the bunker that I forget what the show’s Oval Office looks like.
  • This show has desperately needed more of Jack and Chloe teaming up this season.
  • I miss you, David Palmer.
  • Why did Palmer make Daniels his VP in the first place? I highly doubt he had any redeeming qualities before today, so what made him choose him?
  • If only Morris knew Jack as Chloe does. He would understand that Jack has a plan to save Aubrey and not start a war.
  • Geez, Doyle sure did find out fast. Bill must have called him immediately.
  • A suicide mission? Well, Jack’s not dying so this must end somehow okay?
  • Morris and Chloe’s relationship will be even rockier than it was before.
  • Doyle to even suggest Jack saving Aubrey just because he loves her is baffling. Sure he loves her, but I don’t doubt that Jack wouldn’t do this for anyone else even if he didn’t have a personal relationship with them.
  • Why did Palmer decide to answer questions? He should have left it at addressing the public and then leave.
  • The way Wayne fell was comedic! Then Daniels putting his resignation letter back in his suit jacket was almost like he was a cartoon villain! That gave me the biggest laugh this season, all unintentionally of course.
  • It was unbelievable in the first place Wayne would have been able to resume his duties after being put in a coma.
  • Daniels will be yet another obstacle in Jack’s way. Yay…
  • Jack is not going to take any of this laying down. At least Bill is aware of that.

6×19 – Day 6: 12:00pm-1:00am

Noah Daniels and his assistant Lisa Miller engage in a seemingly-consensual, oval-office romance. Karen Hayes is forced to choose between her job and Bill’s. Cheng meets up with Jack Bauer for the exchange but is intercepted by CTU, resulting in Cheng escaping with the component. While being arrested by CTU, Jack realizes that Audrey, though free, was not returned unharmed.

  • Running into the middle of the street? Maybe not the smartest idea Doyle.
  • Weird to see CTU work together against Jack. Not opposed to it, but is a strange sight to see.
  • Are we seriously going to have Daniels as the President for the rest of the season? I am not looking forward to this.
  • Eww, I hate this relationship between Daniels and his staffer.
  • Do you know what I also hate? This bickering between Chloe and Morris. It’s not funny or entertaining. It’s making me annoyed at them both.
  • Ugh, Reed is back even if it’s just in video form. The less him, the better.
  • Now either Bill or Karen has to take the blame for attacks? This is so frustrating!
  • I don’t think I could care less about Morris if I tried.
  • If Karen fires Bill, you can say goodbye to their marriage.
  • Nadia was tortured hours earlier because she was suspected of helping terrorists. Now she is being promoted.
  • Bill is right thought out of everyone at CTU, not only is Nadia the right choice she is the only choice. What a day for Nadia.
  • Poor Aubrey, but I am glad she’s back.
  • We better not be doing another anesthesia storyline with Aubrey!

6×20 – Day 6: 1:00am-2:00am

The Russians learn too quickly that the Chinese have the circuit board, leading Noah Daniels to suspect a spy. After some investigation, Daniels and Tom plot to pass misinformation to the Russians through this unsuspecting informant. Nadia struggles with her newfound leadership at CTU when Division and Jack argue on how to handle the traumatized Audrey Raines. Cheng discovers the circuit board is damaged.

  • Aubrey desperately needs a psychologist not to be interrogated.
  • Was Aubrey coached into saying that phrase about Jack?
  • Morris, you want to be transferred at midnight?
  • Nadia is right, no one has time for Morris’s issues against Chloe right now. They have more important things to worry about.
  • I do not care about this staffer who’s cheating on the Vice President.
  • Hey, that’s Chimney from 9-1-1.
  • And of course, the man the staffer is sleeping with has an ulterior motive.
  • If Morris and Chloe are done, can he leave? Not just CTU, but the show? His storylines have bored me.
  • The Chinese did a number on Audrey, it shouldn’t be a surprise she is the way she is now.
  • Shock therapy?! No way! Audrey may not even know anything that Cheng is planning and they want to shock her with drugs?! F*ck no!
  • The man the staffer is sleeping with is working with the Russians! The women in this show sure know how to pick them!
  • Doyle is Jack’s long-lost son.
  • I love how delicately Jack took out Doyle. He knocked him out as gently as possible.
  • Jack’s speech all things considering was sweet.
  • I completely forgot that Audrey’s dad was still alive!
  • Audrey is not a teenage girl. Once she can, she will choose if she wants to see Jack or not. She is a grown woman, her father can’t make decisions for her.
  • I hate that Heller has a point about Jack being cursed. Since all he has ever done was to help his country.

6×21 – Day 6: 2:00am-3:00am

Lisa Miller complies with Daniels’ plan to pass false intel through the Russian informant. CTU sends all their field agents to locate Cheng Zhi, not knowing that Cheng has already dispatched Chinese mercenaries to infiltrate CTU and capture Josh Bauer and killing Milo Pressman in the process. It is revealed that Phillip Bauer is the mastermind behind the attack on CTU.

  • We only have three episodes left. Can we please not have someone new come in to replace Nadia. She’s good in this role.
  • Jack’s nephew and sister-in-law are back into the story just when I had forgotten about them.
  • Josh is going to go down a similar pathway as Kim won’t he? Get therapy and cut off all contact with his mother just like Kim did with Jack.
  • Milo’s hair sure did change in between episodes.
  • Why does Chloe feel the need to tell Marilyn about Aubrey being alive? It has nothing to do with her. If Jack wanted to tell that’s fine, but Aubrey? That comes out of nowhere.
  • The staffer has to go undercover to try to get information. This storyline also is always recycled every season.
  • The Chinese are doing what now?!
  • This love triangle between Milo, Doyle, and Nadia is so stupid! It’s not even a real love triangle. Nadia just met Doyle and Milo liking her has only been a thing for a few hours.
  • CTU has been infiltrated because of course, they couldn’t recognize this was happening before they had been breached.
  • Milo what are you doing?!
  • I appreciate Milo’s sacrifice, but I am glad it was him over Nadia. I find her much more interesting than him.
  • What do the Chinese need with Josh? That kid’s like 15.
  • Philip is back. I completely forgot he was even a part of this season.

6×22 – Day 6: 3:00am-4:00am

CTU recovers from the attack and Jack pursues Cheng and recovers Josh. Meanwhile, Lisa Miller spying on the Russian informant backfires and Russian President Yuri Suvarov threatens to attack a US military base in two hours. Claiming that he no longer works for Cheng, Phillip Bauer calls the White House and says that he will trade the sub-circuit board for Josh Bauer.

  • What does Philip even want with Josh? He was willing to kill him this morning? What’s his motive for wanting him back?
  • Do all CTU agents some type of training? Morris and Nadia were able to hold their own against I’m assuming trained killers.
  • Oh, now Philip’s backtracking? He would not have killed Josh.
  • Does Philip expect Josh to go with him willingly after everything he’s put him through?
  • I would love to have Jack as an uncle. Not a father, we saw how Kim turned out and the danger he put her through. But an uncle? Jack seems he would be the cool uncle.
  • How did Cheng disappear that fast? He was right in front of Jack! It’s like he disappeared.
  • Eww! They had to watch Lisa be intimate with that guy?! They couldn’t have turned it off somewhere during the act?
  • Once again the woman in this situation lets her emotions get the better of her and derails the entire plan.
  • Nadia finally gets a change of clothing. Good for her, I bet that felt nice.
  • Ugh, the person who comes from Division always annoys me.
  • Did they get a Cisco sponsorship?
  • Philip is seriously calling the Vice President to get him his grandson? That’s so stupid.
  • “None of this makes sense.” The first time I have agreed with the Vice President this entire season.
  • Jack will not stand for giving Josh to his grandfather.
  • Oh, I see Doyle learned from his mistake last time and didn’t even give Jack a chance to sabotage CTU’s plan.

6×23 – Day 6: 4:00am-5:00am

Jack seeks Bill’s help to retrieve Josh. Phillip’s men obtain Josh without living up to their end of the bargain. The situation at the White House becomes increasingly tense as Karen Hayes is arrested for covertly helping Jack and Bill, and Milo’s brother reveals to Nadia just how much Milo cared for her. Meanwhile, Chloe mysteriously passes out at CTU.

  • Jack is about to go on a rampage. You don’t mess with Jack especially not family.
  • Doyle may have a plan to get Josh back, but based on his history I don’t have high hopes it will work.
  • Exactly Karen!!! Jack has been more right than anyone else today. When in doubt, trust Jack.
  • Bill is going to need to cut Jack loose so he can stop the operation.
  • Philip in the CTU’s system and you don’t know how he got in? What?! CTU is so incompetent that it’s funny.
  • Imagine if CTU never had Jack, they would never get anything done.
  • Did they not expect Marilyn have a problem with the fact they are handing her son over to his grandfather who is a murderer?
  • Damn Bill, you could have gotten them hurt. But that was a very Jack move I must say.
  • We rarely see the relatives of CTU’s agents after they have been killed. They planning on making this Stuart doing something.
  • Nadia you didn’t have to tell him the reasoning behind Milo’s death, just that he was shot by terrorists!
  • I don’t want to say I told you, but I told you so. Jack, ONCE AGAIN was right!!!!
  • I’m hysterical laughing at how stupid CTU is. This season they have been the dumbest they have ever been and I didn’t think that was possible.
  • They could have renamed this show to “We Should Have Listened to You Jack.” It’s longer than 24, but it sums up the entire show better.
  • Now something wrong with Chloe? But I’m sure she’s fine. She’s the only person on this show that I see making it to end with Jack.
  • When Vice President Daniels vents to Tom Lennox about the hardship of Presidency, he says to Tom: “Until you sit in this chair, you don’t know anything.” In Season 5, President Logan made virtually the same statement to Secretary Heller when Heller addressed Logan’s misdeeds. – I didn’t even notice that.

6×24 – Day 6: 5:00am-6:00am

Realizing that an airstrike, ordered by Vice President Daniels, will destroy the oil rig and Josh, Jack, and Bill race against time to rescue Josh, capture Cheng, and leave an injured Phillip behind as the F-18’s destroy the rig and the sub-circuit board. Bill and Karen are asked to resign without charges Chloe and Morris discover they are going to be parents. Meanwhile, Jack bids a tearful farewell to Audrey Raines.

  • Last episode of the season. Let’s get this over with.
  • I’ll take a stab in the dark, is Chloe pregnant?
  • Why is Philip so held bent on taking Josh with him to China? I highly doubt it’s because he loves him. And if it is that they have done a poor job of showing him care about Josh.
  • At least with finales, you are guaranteed to have Jack go ham on some terrorists. No different this season.
  • “You’re behaving like a child.” He is a child, you idiot!
  • This reminds me of the season one finale with Jack saving Kim, except not anywhere as good.
  • This target is f*cking pointless. But at least we got Jack jumping onto a helicopter. That’s cool.
  • What are they doing with Jack now?
  • Good on Tom for getting Karen and Bill pardoned.
  • Chloe as a mom? Now that should be interesting.
  • What is Jack up to? What is happening?
  • This Jack’s monologue is one he could be giving to everyone, not just Heller.
  • Jack what life? Your life is your work. It always has been even when you were happy with Aubrey.
  • I agree with Heller somewhat. Jack will always want to be in the game. He can’t get out of it no matter how much he tries.
  • Oh, Jack. I know how hard of a decision that was for him to make. But I think he’s right. He has to let go of Aubrey and figure out what’s next for him.
  • Is Jack contemplating suicide?
  • That was unlike any other ending to a season finale of 24. I liked it. It was a character study of Jack which I enjoyed. I can’t say about the rest of the season, unfortunately.
  • In early drafts of the episode’s script, it was revealed that Josh Bauer was actually Jack’s son, and the result of an affair between him and Marilyn. The writers dropped this idea when they realized that this would require Jack to have cheated on Teri, something they felt would have cheapened the latter’s death. Instead, Josh was written as being Phillip’s illegitimate son (and therefore Jack’s half-brother) from an affair, which he tried to cover up by murdering Josh’s mother and having Graem and Marilyn raise him as their son. A scene establishing this was filmed but cut for timing reasons. – I’m glad they didn’t make Josh Jack’s son. That would have made him look bad and cheapen his relationship with Teri. And I knew there was more to Philip wanting Josh, that makes more sense now.

Much like Jack at the end of season six, 24 was at a crossroads this season and it showed. I knew going in this season was regarded as the worst going into this season. I was expecting Teri having anesthesia levels bad. Or Kim and the coyote levels of bad. What I didn’t expect was how boring this season was. It sometimes got so hard to talk about anything for some episodes because there was nothing to comment on. This season was so redundant and repetitive of the past seasons, it’s not even funny. And hey I liked the past seasons. But everything that was done this season was done so much worse than past seasons. It’s hard to believe the same people who wrote season five wrote this. By far the worst season of show, season seven can only go up. I truly believe that because season six failed in everything it set out to accomplish. Season seven has to be an improvement. But before season seven, I have to check out the TV movie 24 did, 24 Redemption. I’ll give some brief thoughts on that in the season seven season in review when we get there.

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