The Best New App To Have Authentic Conversations Online

You know how everything gets muddled in social media translation? As in how tweets are taken out of context and the tone of what we are attempting to convey is lost. It’s one of the things I despise about social media. We can never have honest conversations because something is always misinterpreted.

That’s why I was so excited to learn about Swell. It solves the problem I have with social media by allowing individuals to express themselves without ambiguity. How do they accomplish this? Swell is incorporating audio back into social media. To have genuine conversations on social media, you need to have an actual conversation.

Swell allows users to record up to 5-minute audio clips on any topic they want, and other users can reply with their own clips. Have you ever wanted to communicate a thought through a Tweet but were worried of how it might come across? Express that thought through a Swell. You are no longer forced to keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself.

Swell promotes meaningful discussions about whatever topic is on your mind within its community. Swell has a plethora of places where you can get things off your chest. Mental Wellness, Books, Sports, News, Music, Activism, Pop Culture, and other topics are among the stations available on Swell. No matter what you want to speak about, you’ll find a place to talk about it on Swell.

It should come as no surprise that I spend a lot of time chatting on the Pop Culture station. You’ll enjoy hearing me talk about pop culture if you’ve enjoyed watching me write about it. If you have loved seeing me write about pop culture over the years, then I have hope you’ll enjoy hearing me talk about it too. So far on Swell, I’ve discussed television, celebrities, and some larger issues happening within the pop culture scene.

Celebrities Are Being Honest. Too Honest.

You can hear me talk about the Ashton/Mila & Matt Damon controversies and why celebrities should stop being so honest to the public because honesty isn’t doing them any favors.

When Should Celebrities Be Responsible For Their Fans?

I explore at what point should celebrities take responsibility for their fans’ actions by discussing the Olivia Rodrigo, Sabrina Carpenter, and Joshua Bassett situation.

What Netflix Cancellation Hurt You The Most?

I polled the Pop Culture community what Netflix cancellation hurt them the most. Several excellent shows have been canceled by Netflix, thus there were many shows to choose from for this question.

If you’re interested in joining Swell, you can join by downloading the app on the App Store or Play Store. You are welcome to participate in these conversations or simply listen. If you do decide to join, you can give me a follow here.


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