The United States of Autocracy

Freedom is the slogan yet imperialism is the truth

The United States acts as a police officer monitoring foreign countries in the hopes of preserving democracy, but in reality, it has evolved into an authoritarian figure that interferes in foreign elections and destabilizes countries. Since its creation, the United States has long stood by spreading democracy to all other countries, yet what we see unfolding is the abuse of this so-called slogan of ‘spreading democracy’ to other countries by instead interfering in elections as well as staging coup d’etats in foreign countries only for the benefit of the U.S., leaving behind carnage in foreign countries. This has started a trend in U.S. foreign policy known as regime change where we see the toppling of so-called dictators by the means of the U.S. setting an orchestrated revolution and forcibly replacing a current government with another that better suits Washingtons’ interest, wherein truth the government that was removed was actually loved by their own people, leading us to the question: Who even asked the U.S. for help? The bottom line is that the U.S. has notoriously meddled in approximately 81 foreign elections. The argument is that the U.S. is intervening in foreign elections in order to enforce democracy around the world, but what we really see is that the U.S. is a genuine aggressor and a threat to democracy. Along with regime change, the U.S. then engages in an economic war with these so-called dictators by enforcing sanctions that in reality only affect the ordinary citizens and not the ruling class. The U.S. is looking for global dominance by means of propaganda, and economic warfare, mainly by means of sanctions which in truth hurt the working class and not the so-called dictators.

Victims of Regime Change

I am going to attempt to outline the horrible hegemonic agenda that the U.S. has imposed on several different countries throughout history. The first country I will outline is Syria. Before the creation of ISIS, Syria stood as being at the forefront among Middle Eastern countries in several different sectors such as healthcare and education. As the U.S. took notice of Syria gaining power and influence and most importantly not relying at all on the U.S. dollar, which made some heads turn in Washington, leaving them anxious to find an excuse to topple the Syrian government led by their president Bashar El Assad. Washington quickly took turns calling him a dictator, where in reality he has the backing of his own people as more than half the population is in favor of him, leaving Washingtons’ claims that he is a dictator dead in the water. But surely the U.S. won’t be so easily discouraged. The U.S. then starts to fund ISIS to destabilize Syria as it serves to be a threat to the all-encompassing hegemony that America has built itself to be. The bottom line of the story of Syria is that the U.S. called out this so-called dictator Bashar El Assad in order to spread democracy and hinder autocracy leaving Syrians with a better future, but what we are left with is an almost nonexistent Syria with millions of Syrians either dead or displaced, rendering Washington’s plan to save the Syrian people from this “dictator” a complete utter failure as most Syrians were forced to leave their war-torn country only to be rejected by European countries.

Operation Condor

Throughout this paragraph and the next one, I will outline the carnage that Operation Condor has brought to South America. Operation Condor was an American operation and was conducted under 4 administrations: Johnson, Nixon, Ford, and Carter. All four of these presidents provided planning, organization, torture training, technological support, as well as military assistance by means of funding from the CIA in order to destabilize South America to further push the agenda that Washington plans to implement democracy, but in reality, all it has accomplished is leaving 60,000 dead citizens, 400,000 imprisoned, and 30,000 souls disappearing off the face of the earth.

Collections of photos from families whose children and grandchildren had disappeared — By Giselle Bordoy WMAR — Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, — Source:

The Dirty War

A dark era had descended upon the people of Latin America, beginning in 1974, with a war so barbaric that it was dubbed “dirty” due to the inhumane kidnappings, executions, and torturings. The CIA and high-ranking officials went to great lengths to ensure regime change. I will be shifting to a whole continent that has been an integral part of American regime change. Latin America has seen some of the most brutal sanctions imposed by politicians in Washington. I will dive into the eerily similar regime changes that the U.S. has imposed as well as the repetitive narrative of a democratically elected president being overthrown all of a sudden by Washington-backed death squads. Another shilling fact is that the U.S. has attempted to overthrow around 41 governments in Latin America. The U.S. has become so notorious for its interference in Latin America that they coined a name for it, “The Dirty War”. The dirty war is known for the U.S. funding of right-wing death squads to overthrow democratically elected governments. You can start to see the paradox of the U.S. trying to spread a democracy, while in fact, they are doing the contrary in order to do what best suits their own interest. The dirty war has left blood on the hands of politicians in Washington. You can slowly start to see the formation of an imperialistic agenda, where the U.S. is trying to gain global dominance by having foreign elections better suit their own needs.

The Irony…

In April 2022, As I write this piece, Washington has ousted another country’s leader at the same time of the publication of this article; this time, our victim is Pakistan. It’s odd and wonderfully timed that another government is being deposed by Washington as I write this post. Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan is set to be ousted out of government as the opposition party has voted to remove him from office, why you would ask that Washington would want him out of power, simply because he has gone against Washington’s interests in supporting China as well as improving relations with Russia. We have proof that a top US diplomat has expressed how the US is not pleased with how the Pakistani prime minister is improving relations with both China and Russia; both of whom are seen as the greatest enemy to the US. 


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