July Announcement!

As most of you know by now I am releasing my book Living Rent Free In My Head: Essays on Pop Culture on August 2nd. To celebrate it’s book release, during the month of July I will be posting a blog post every weekday. Starting on July 4th until August 2nd, every weekday there will be a new blog post on Fairly Professional. Think Spooktober, but about books, self-publishing, and wider pop culture.

The blog posts will detail my journey into self-publishing, the things I’ve learned from doing it, and some advice if you too are looking to self-publish. But not all the blog posts will be about self-publishing, there will be content outside of that wheelhouse. Living Rent Free In My Head is all about pop culture, so expect blog posts about pop culture as well.

If you want an specific idea about what blog posts I’ll be covering, here is a sneak peek into what I have planned for the month of July.

  • How Much Money I Spent Self-Publishing.
  • How I Updated My Blog Posts To Become Chapters of a Book.
  • Revealing the 20 Essay Titles From the Collection.
  • The ABCs of Living Rent Free In My Head (aka Every Celebrity, Film, & TV Show Mentioned in the Collection).
  • The Content/Essays that Didn’t Make It Into Living Rent Free In My Head.

That’s just a bit of what you should expect from the blog in July. I’ve learned a lot from this entire process and I’m ready to share all the wisdom I’ve managed to gain with all of you. See ya July 4th.

My book Living Rent Free In My Head: Essays On Pop Culture comes out on August 2, 2022. Pre-order it now for only $3.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other vendors.


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