Essays That Didn’t Make It Into My Book: Society Hates Things Teenage Girls Enjoy

Having once been a teenage girl, I think I’m allowed to proclaim that society hates many things that teenage girls enjoy. These things vary. From movies like Twilight to music by artists like One Direction or shows like Pretty Little Liars. During their hay day, teenage girls were proud fans of these properties. Some still are.

But teenage girls’ fandom for them and other types of media has always been critiqued. Laughed at. Made fun of. And more. Now I’m not saying that none of these properties are perfect or aren’t deserving of criticism, but this example shows a repeated pattern of when teenage girls begin to embrace something.

Whenever teenage girls begin to vocally declare their love for a show, movie, book, musician, etc, they will eventually receive hate for it. It’s been like this for a long time. More recently you can point to teenage girls being made fun of for liking Harry Styles or BTS. The essay would have touched on why I think this happens and how we could avoid doing this in the future.

The problem with this essay was that it felt kinda similar to another essay in the collection. There were some obvious differences between the two, but the similar points gave me pause. Each essay in Living Rent Free In My Head has a distinct topic that is unique to any other essay. I felt including this one and the other essay would’ve dampened the uniqueness of them both.

And the reason why I chose the other essay was that I felt like the topic hadn’t been talked about while this one didn’t feel too new. I think this topic has been written about by many people and I’m not sure I had much new stuff to say about it. At least, nothing new for now. I could take a different angle to approach the topic, but I don’t know what angle that would be. It’s something I’ll have to ponder about.


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