Essays That Didn’t Make It Into My Book: Everything Is Joke Nowadays

Meme culture has infiltrated its way into pop culture. It is everywhere. Mostly on social media, but it pops up on TV shows, films, comedy shows, etc. It is the basis of online humor now.

I believe this is both a positive and negative thing. There’s nothing inherently wrong with meme humor. Just like any humor, there are good and bad parts to it. Not any type of comedy is perfect or without flaws.

But the biggest flaw or drawback of meme humor to me is how no matter what the situation is people will react to it with a meme. Sometimes these situations call for it, but other times they demand more seriousness. However, meme culture can undercut that element in favor of jokes.

This is the part of meme culture I hate. Whenever a serious event happens you are bound to see some people making jokes or responding with memes. This can be a sign of deflecting or a way of dealing with a triggering topic. But some people do it because they don’t want to focus on being serious for a moment.

This essay would have looked deeply into meme culture and people not taking things as seriously as they should. I felt like it was a relevant topic that some people could relate to if they felt a similar way I did. However, I decided to cut it because I felt like the essay could alienate people.

Like I said before, many people, especially in this day and age, react with humor as a coping mechanism. Memes are used a lot of the time so people can deal with hard situations in a way that doesn’t harm them mentally. I didn’t want to come after anyone’s coping mechanisms even if I find it inappropriate at times.

Also I myself sometimes indulge in laughing at memes that are posted during something serious. So I may come off as hypocritical in the essay. I think this essay can be retooled in a way that doesn’t alienate anyone. But that is something I’ll have to work on at a later date.


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