Essays That Didn’t Make It Into My Book: When Are Celebrities Responsible For Their Fans?

Stans and hardcore fans of celebrities are dedicated to their favorite celebrities. To a fault, a lot of the times. Stans will defend their favorite celebrity from any criticism, even if they were clearly in the wrong. In the worst and extreme cases, some stans will take things too far by sending death threats to people criticizing their favorite celebrity or a celebrity they don’t like.

Most celebrities stay out of the drama surrounding their fans. Either because they are unaware of it or don’t care about it. But I think there comes a time where celebrities do have take the reins over their fans. The example I gave about fans sending people death threats is a clear time where celebrities should call out their fans for exhibiting this behavior.

That’s a extreme example, but it got me to thinking about in general, when should celebrities take responsibility for their fans? Do they only take responsibility in the worst case scenarios or for any behavior their fans show that they disagree with? I think it’s a fascinating question that would get varied answers from people.

The reason this essay didn’t work out is because I didn’t have a definite answer to the question. I honestly don’t have a firm opinion about when celebrities should be responsible for what their fans do. I could be swayed either way or be struck in the middle.

Most of the essays in Living Rent Free In My Head, I take a firm stance. But in this particular essay, I wouldn’t be able to. I couldn’t pinpoint an exact answer to the question I posed. And I wanted to have one. I love the idea of this essay and still would like to write it, but I need to think on it more. That way I can up with a definite answer to frame my entire essay. Right now though, I just don’t have the answer to that question.

Well, that’s all five essays I cut from Living Rent Free In My Head. I think they were all interesting ideas, but clearly they were not ready to be included in the final version of the book. They all could use some more development before the rest of the world reads them. When that will be? I don’t know, but hopefully one day.


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