What To Do Before The Launch of Your Book

On the eve of my own book release, I’m outlining what all authors should do before their book is widely out to the public. This isn’t an extensive list. There is always something that could be done before your book is out. But this should give you an idea about what bases you’ve already covered and the ones you haven’t.

Edit! Proofread! Edit! Proofread!

No matter how many times you have proofread your book, it will never be enough. Errors will slip through. But proofreading it until you are sick of it will help to minimize any mistakes left in your book. If you think you’ve found them all, have a friend or family member do their own proofreading to double-check. Also, consider hiring a professional proofreader if you haven’t already.


Anyone you can manage to find to give your book a review ahead of your release will help. A friend, a family member, etc will help get other readers to read your book. It’ll help your ranking on Amazon and other platforms if you get enough reviews. Reviews during your launch will help you a tremendous amount.

Make Sure Your Book Is Updated Where It Is Uploaded

You need to be sure that everywhere you have uploaded your book has the most recent version. The worst mistake you could make is selling an outdated version of your book to customers. You want to give your readers the best and most accurate version of your book. To do that, make sure you have uploaded the copy of it you want to sell.

Consider Running A Promotional Price on Your eBook

Many authors will lower the cost of their ebook to $0.99 during their launch week. I was a bit skeptical of this at first but talked myself into it. The idea is that $0.99 for your eBook will

encourage more sales of your book. If you’re a new author, a low price could help convince readers to take a chance on you and read your book. Something that may not happen at a higher price point. The promotional price should only be for your launch week. You can set it back to its normal price after that week.

I am testing out a promotional price on my eBook of Living Rent Free In My Head starting tomorrow for an entire week. The eBook will be sold for $0.99 on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and other book vendors if you’re interested in checking it out at a reduced price.

These are some of the last-minute things to do before your book is released into the world. There are other things you could and should do, but these are the most important in my opinion. No matter what you do during your release week, you’ve worked hard to get to that point. Don’t forget to enjoy it.


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